The Tiffin Factory In Red Bay, Alabama

We were invited down to the Tiffin Motorhome Factory to take a tour and check out their new line of 2014 Tiffin Motor Coaches that were coming off the line.

We’ve never been down to Red Bay, Alabama where Tiffin is located, so we hopped in the motorhome and took off.  Then while talking to some friends of ours, we found out they were in the campground their at Tiffin getting some upgrades done to their coach!  What are the odds?

It was good to see some old friends and catch up.  I mean really good.  We needed to see someone we knew.  We needed some friends around.  It was also interesting that other had found out about us and come over to say hello and that they were sorry to read what took place.  It was great to not only read the messages but to have some people come up to us.  So…well…thanks.

The next day we set off to the factory which is located just a couple miles up the road.  We’ve never taken a factory tour before, so this was a new experience to us.

Donning our safety glasses and headsets, our tour guide started us out.

Tiffin Factory In Red Bay, Alabama

Tiffin Factory In Red Bay, Alabama

Tiffin Factory In Red Bay, Alabama

Tiffin Factory In Red Bay, Alabama

The Making Of A Motorhome

The Making Of A Motorhome

David found what he was interested in…that being, how they did video distribution inside the coach.  Needless to say he was already thinking what he might have to do in that regard.

Once the coaches are done they head down the road about 6 miles to the paint shop.

David Checking Out The 1x8 HDMI splitter For Video Distribution Inside The Coach.

A Coach Getting Inspected Before It Goes To Paint. Still protected by plastic and cardboard.

The paint process is the longest process.  The building of a coach can be done in 4-5 days.  The paint, depending on the pattern can take up to 2 weeks.  It’s applied one color at a time, sanded, buffed and redone.  Clear coat is usually applied 4-5 times to really bring out the color, shine and definition.  The more clear coat, the more deep and dimensional it looks.  The white coach on the right is actually a “Pilot” (Prototype) 37 foot Allergo Bus.  We actually really liked it and wanted to spend more time with it.  Alas, it was in for more clear coat.

In The Painting Booth

What we also really liked was the fact if we had a coach being made, we could be their along side it every step of the way.  I mean every step.  And you know what, we would be.  It would so great to watch the birth of your home and at the same time, learn from it.   Hey Tiffin…we are ready when you are to work on new floor plans or modify one you have slightly. LOL  :)

That evening it was a beautiful night.  The humidity finally broke so David got his quadcopter out and flew around the Tiffin Campground.  You can see the video below.

Getting Clear Coat

David Explaining The Quadcopter To The Other Campers

Our Tour Master Lined Up Amongst All The Tiffins

Of course he drew a crowd.  Always does.

Everyone their was really nice and inviting.  Even though we did not have a Tiffin motorhome, no one seemed to mind.  It was kind of funny to see all the Tiffin’s lined up and in the middle of it all was us.

We had a good time hanging out with friends and meeting new ones.

Thank you all for your hospitality and friendship.  And thank you ever so much to the Tiffin family for the invite down.  You made us feel at home and more at ease.