Our Spot At The Ameristar RV Park In Vicksburg, MS

Our Spot In The Ameristar RV Park

While exploring the National Military Park in Vicksburg, Mississippi we stayed at the Ameristar RV Park. Located just off the highway but super quiet, this rv park is run by one of the many casinos in the area. And since it is run by a casino conglomerate they do things a little, shall we say, different. It took me three full days to even reach someone to make a reservation. I kept getting either disconnected, left a message with someone at the front desk of the casino with the assurance that someone would call me back (they never did), transferred to who knows where were I would then be disconnected again or spoke directly with the rv park were they informed me that they were not allowed to make reservations for the park, all reservations had to go through an answering service. When I finally got a hold of someone they asked me questions such as amps and size of our rig. They then proceeded to say that they were glad I know what “amps” meant because they did not. Umm…ok. This is not getting off to a good start.

The park itself is “technically” big rig friendly, the lady I spoke with even said no problem, all their sites are 60 feet long, however with our coach being 45 feet long and having a tow vehicle, we more than likely will not stay here again. The roads were not made with big rigs in mind and therefore were tight and the sites were even tighter. We just fit width-wise on the cement pad. We had to cut through another site just to reach ours straight on. If we turned into our site right from the road we would have hit the lawn (as we did with the one behind us that we cut through) and would have had to maneuver back and forth just to get straight. We did see some smaller class A’s (probably 38 foot?) stay hooked-up with their tow vehicles for the night but their cars were partially in the street. Not to mention they too hit the lawn trying to park on the site. It would have been even more difficult if the park were full. Just not a comfortable situation but we made it work.

Barely Fitting In Our Spot At Ameristar RV Park In Vicksburg, MS

We were able to connect to the parks WiFi however they limit the speed to 1.8mb. Doable for some people but we switched over to our Verizon hotspot which worked well. They do have laundry and shower facilities but we did not check them out. Their location to activities in the area was great though. Although there are many casinos and such in the area, we came here to visit the National Military Park and this rv park was ideal for this.

The Tomato Place In Vicksburg, MS

The Tomato Place In Vicksburg, MS

When we find ourselves in an area that we have not been to before we like to find little mom and pop places to eat and shop. While we really didn’t do any shopping this trip, we did manage to find a really cool lunch spot after we spent the day exploring the Military National Park.

The Tomato Place from the outside looks like a funky fruit and vegetable stand. And yes…that is what it is. However…

Entrance To The Restaurant

The Entrance To The Restaurant Is Through These Doors

When you walk through the boxes of fruit and vegetables, you get to these boarded over doors. Typically you would think, like we did, that this was some sort of back room for storage or something. However, I knew better having researched this place ahead of time.

You walk through these non-descript doors and you’re in the cutest, funkiest restaurant that we’ve seen in a while.

Inside The Tomato Place Restaurant

Inside The Tomato Place Restaurant

With such items on the menu as catfish and po’ boys you know you’re in for a treat. Everything is home made from the salad dressing, desserts, and everything in between.

Mississippi Fever Sauce

Home Made Desserts To Go!

They even make their own hot sauce that’s called Mississippi Fever. It was served with our meals and yes…it was good.

We also saw that they made bread pudding. Being David’s favorite, we cleared out their case of the 6 pieces that were in there.

Frozen Fruit Ready For Smoothies

David Enjoying His Catfish Plate

When you find yourself in this area, I highly recommend that you stop here either for breakfast (which we did not try but I can imagine it is very good like everything else there) or for lunch.

You won’t be disappointed.