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Bott-Lott CampJam With The Band Lake Effect!

All the planning. All the hype. And Sadly, now it’s over.  The Bott-Lott CampJam was a great time had by all. It felt like we had the entire Southwoods RV Resort campground here at one time. We even had some OOBies drive in to meet us and partake in the party.  Not familiar with what a CampJam is? Well, it’s an all out jam session that we like to throw, with a band, campfires, food, drinks and friends. Everyone is invited. If you play an instrument, bring it and maybe jam with us! We had a friend bring her...

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Traveling With Cats in a Motorhome

OK….So we’ve been traveling since 2008, full timing since 2013 and our kitties (four at that time) have been with us way longer than that. When we started this adventure, we did not want to leave part of our family at home. So we had to figure out how to bring them with us, in a moving vehicle.    Recently, a friend of ours from Wisconsin, asked when we were going to blog about traveling with cats. We get that question often.  I have been apprehensive in writing about this subject for a few reasons. Everyone’s cat’s will act...

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Bott-Lott CampJam Scheduled For September 9th!

Calling All OOBies…   We are planning a Bott-Lott CampJam at our seasonal site, in Western New York, at Southwoods RV Resort on September 9th this year. Please do not confuse this with OOBerFest. Details on OOBerFest are below. This is just an informal get together at our seasonal site for fun. So if you find yourself in the area or are just passing through, we’d love to have you over to our neck of the woods.  Come enjoy live music by the band Lake Effect with David on the Cajon! Food, drinks, fun and of course….Us!   Make...

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Shmeg’s Restaurant In Gates, NY

OK…So you know that we like to frequent mom and pop restaurants and help support those that are making it on their own. Shmeg’s is a restaurant that fits that bill to a tee. They opened in 2015 but we were just introduced to their establishment by friends of ours, Mark and Trish. Their name is as unique as their dishes they serve. Shmeg’s comes from a combination of the owner’s names, Shawn and Megan. Both working in the restaurant industry most of their lives, decided to join forces and open their own establishment.  When you first walk into Shmeg’s...

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Coach Engine Fire – Sadly Fire Suppression Not Installed Yet

First, let me start by saying everyone, including their pets got out of this fire ok. The bad news, as you all may guess, is that this is a total loss for the coach as well as the Jeep.  This coach was owned by some friends of ours. When they called us on Saturday, June 10, 2017, just a day after this had happened, we were in shock.  This is a reminder to us all that this could really could happen at any moment to anyone. They were driving down the highway in Arizona, going about their business, when...

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