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Laughlin, Nevada

Moving on up.  North that is.  We headed an hour north to Laughlin, Nevada today.  We found a really nice rv resort at a casino.  At least what we thought would be a really nice rv resort, turns out to be...

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The Song Was Wrong

David in front of the London Bridge London bridge (originally built in 1831) is in fact not falling down.  It is alive and well and residing in Lake Havasu City, AZ.  I found an interesting article on the bridge and...

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Blue Skies and Football

View Outside Our Door So here’s what today looks like.  This is the view outside our front door.  Nothing but blue sky.  Of course the play offs are today.  We couldn’t have rain today?  On a day that we are inside...

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Stormy Weather

Weather Coming Over Mountains Batten down the hatches! California as you know is getting hit really bad with stormy weather.  Well, being close to the California border, we are experiencing some weather of our own.  The people...

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Lake Havasu, AZ

Heading Towards Lake Havasu We are in Lake Havasu City, AZ now.  Home of the original London Bridge.  Yes, actually from London England. We plan on staying for the week.  Catching up on mail and work.  Resting and planning our...

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