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The light at the end of the…

(David here) Well, we are home. Yes, we choose to drive home because, well, the weather was just bad bad bad. We had seen the light at the end of the tunnel and choose take it all the way home. Well, I had thought it would fit...

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Hello from a KOA Camp

(David here) Ok, ok, again we did not get into an RV park until after 8 PM. Why? Tire balance issue. What does a 34 thousand pound RV look like at a time shop, something like this.Yes, that is our new machine up on it’s own...

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A Day of Rest…Finally

Hi all. Brenda here. We decided to take a day off from the blogging world. Hope you don’t mind. Yesterday we spent another fun filled day at the Rv dealership. They had to finish up a few things. Thank goodness the parts they...

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Moving on again.

(David here) Ok, we spent the day with my parents and moved on as we needed to head out early anyway to get back to the dealership. As such we choose to head out this evening and drive just over half way to Jacksonville. The...

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The first visit and moving on.

(Brenda here) Here we are Monday. Driving across Florida to visit The Bott’s. I’m actually typing to you while we are driving. Wireless is great! David is getting very comfortable driving now. It had to have helped with all the...

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