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Moving on again.

(David here) Ok, we spent the day with my parents and moved on as we needed to head out early anyway to get back to the dealership. As such we choose to head out this evening and drive just over half way to Jacksonville. The...

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The first visit and moving on.

(Brenda here) Here we are Monday. Driving across Florida to visit The Bott’s. I’m actually typing to you while we are driving. Wireless is great! David is getting very comfortable driving now. It had to have helped with all the...

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The Mother-In-Law

(David here) Ok, I said we would sometime have images…well, I did not think I would start this way. This is my mother-in-law Judi. She is looking for a man to spend the better parts of life with. 25, dark hair, 5’ 9” and...

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Update to the 29th

(David here) Ok, well, we just arrived at the Treasure Cost RV Resort in Ft. Pierce, FL. We ended up spending until 4:00 at the dealership today and we need to go back on Tuesday. Augh! Needless to say, plans are changing. But...

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So it begins, kinda.

(Brenda here) Well, we were supposed to be on the road today. Enjoying our new home on wheels. Instead, we find ourselves right back at the same place we started…the dealership. When we flew into Jacksonville, FL yesterday...

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