Our Site At Catalina State Park

Catalina State Park is located at the base of the Catalina Mountains in the Oro Valley, just north of Tucson, AZ.

We found out that some fellow bloggers, GeekyExplorers, were going to be staying at the park.  So we found that a compelling enough reason to go for a few days of R&R. 

I say R&R because staying at Lazydays, while a really nice park, it’s located right down the street from the Air Force Base.  Therefore you constantly have planes, helicopters and the nearby train noise disturbing you.  So the state park sounded perfect.

Unfortunately, the park only had 1 spot available and for only 3 days, with no hook ups.  OK, not bad.  They do have hook ups (electric and water with a dump available) at the park, they just were all full.

When we checked in to the park they actually had a cancellation in the electric and water hook up area for 2 of the 3 nights we had reserved.  Needless to say, we quickly scooped that up.  So 1 night with no hook ups.  Then we could move to the next campground over and stay for the other 2 nights with hook ups.  Nice.  Plus, that is where we found GeekyExplorers, Keith, Tricia, their 2 kitties and Samantha, their GS.

David and I enjoyed getting some puppy love from Samantha.

David getting Some Puppy Love From Samantha

It’s been a while and we’ll take it any way we can get it.  Samantha just had surgery on her hips 2 months ago and I must say, she was doing wonderful.  Running around like a puppy, enjoying her walks and the outdoors and of course, loving all the attention.  Like she doesn’t get enough attention anywhere she goes.  She’s just too cute.

Our View From Our Site Of The Catalina Mountains In The Catalina State Park

We had wonderful views of the mountains.  Beautiful days…minus one, Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day started out rainy and cold.  Then the temperature dropped even more and the rain actually turned into SNOW!  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Southern Arizona with snow.  It snowed so much in the Oro Valley, where the park is located, it made ABC news.  That’s how unusual snow is around these parts.

Tricia, formally from Rochester, NY our home town, was actually hoping it would snow enough to make a snow angel next to a cactus.  That would have been a great shot.  Alas, it melted just as quick as it fell.

Snow Falling In The Catalina State Park On Valentine’s Day

David Took This Picture Of Me On Valentine’s Day With The Snow

I went outside to take some pictures of this phenomenon.  When I came back inside, from being outside only a minute, David took this picture of me.  You can really see the snow in my hair.

The Snow Coming Over The Mountains

Catalina State Park is a definite must go back to.  It’s nice and quiet.  Large sites easy enough for big rigs.  50amps and water, when you can get them.

You feel like you are out in the middle of nowhere.  But contrary to that, you have a Super Walmart, movie theater, Petco and restaurants right across the street.  Yet you don’t here or see any sign of them in the park.

Plus you can horseback ride through some trails in the park.  We didn’t have time for that, but it’s on our list for next time.

Catalina State Park Views

Sunset At Catalina State Park

While here, you just can’t get enough of the views.  Mountains everywhere.  hiking trails and horse trails.

And the sunsets are a site to be seen!

Whisper Hard At Work At The Computer

So…You know I had to get at least one picture of a cat in here.  Whisper apparently is waiting for his inspiration to come to him in a dream before writing his memoirs.