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Finding A Good Shop To Get Your Maintenance Done Is Important

Bay Diesel In Red Bay, AL Bay Diesel In Red Bay, AL We all gotta do it. It’s the yearly maintenance and check-up of our motor homes. The oil changes and filter changes. The top to bottom inspections. Not something we all enjoy but it’s what keeps these beauties on the road and purring. For the first time we find ourselves with a coach without a Freightliner chassis. We would always take our Tour Master (on the Freightliner chassis) to the service center in Gaffney, SC. We loved those guys and trusted them. However, with our new motor home...

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Psst..Buddy…You Got Any Blue Bell?

First a little background info and how we ended up at this shop. As you may or may not be aware, we have a slight, or not so slight, addiction to Blue Bell Ice Cream. It really is bad. Everywhere we go in the south or west (as that is there “territory”) we have to search for Blue Bell Ice Cream. Whether it is in the local grocery stores or in a specialty ice cream shop. While visiting some friends in Hoover, Alabama they took us to a crack house…I mean, a Blue Bell Ice Cream shop…The Whole Scoop Ice Cream...

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Tiffin Service Center Walkabout

Our Spot At The Tiffin Service Center Campground We just spent a couple weeks at the Tiffin Service Center Campground, or to those of us in the know, “Camp Red Bay”. No, we didn’t have any major issues. Our one year warranty was coming due and we just wanted to get in to have a few things taken care of. BK Is Thrilled We’re In A Service Bay As you can see, the cats have their own opinions on being back in Red Bay, Alabama. As long as Whisper has a comfy place to nap, he could care less. BK on the other hand would rather be looking at nature than the inside of a service bay. Some Cold Mornings Whisper Could Care Less We’re In A Service Bay Yes, even though we were in the south, Red Bay, Alabama does get cold. One morning we woke up to 11 degrees outside and our front windshield looked like this. Good thing the defrosters work well. We were cleared up in no time and off to a service bay. David Checking Out Under The Coach We first went into a mechanics bay. We had to get a couple things looked at. Nothing major. We were in and out in the same day. Then it was off to a regular service bay. We had an air conditioner that was acting up...

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Inflatable 15 Foot Kayak And A Motor Home

Well…a folding, inflatable kayak might just be your answer you have been looking for but never thought of. We’ve really missed kayaking and getting out on the water. We’ve rented kayaks in various places that we’ve been but we’ve always thought it would be nice to have our own. That way we could go out whenever we wanted, wherever we wanted. David did a lot of research and found a nice folding, inflatable kayak and ordered one from AirKayaks, located in California. Our New Inflatable Kayak AirKayaks carries a large line of inflatables and have wonderful, and very helpful, customer service. After talking with Holly several times (thanks Holly for all your help!) we ended up selecting the Advanced Elements Convertible DS Series Inflatable Kayak – AE1007DS and ordered the Ultra Kayak DS package. The Kayak can be used as a one person or two person, it inflates easily and quickly with a dual hand pump, and stores nicely in it’s own bag. The size, as you can see, neatly and compactly fits underneath our coach in our cargo area. We went with the “Convertible” as you can use it with a single or double deck (optional) that zip on.  For us, we wanted a deck vs just being open and this kayak allows for any configuration! So when it came in we were pretty excited to get it...

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