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Flyover of Pla-mor Campground

Well it is a little late in coming based on the two surgeries David had in the past two weeks. But he finely got the video done of the Pla-mor Campground in Bremen, IN. It is a nice campground that is just a quick drive to Nappanee or about 40 minuets to Elkhart.  It has all you need and is very quiet.  We did not end up playing golf, but it seems that the locals come in a lot for something to do.  The staff is wonderful and the seasonal campers so friendly. It is great stopping point and we did write about all our time spent their in this post – CLICK HERE So without further blah, blah…here is the...

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Missing: One X650 UAV (Drone) Last Seen Flying Over The Heartland of Indiana

Well, we lost the X650 UAV Quadcoptor on one beautiful Saturday morning for a flight. (UPDATE…Now Found!!!) What was a routine flight to video the Pla-mor Campground , ended with a missing X650 UAV Quadcoptor.   We were flying at an altitude of 160 feet just making passes over the campground when the X650 just started to head out in one direction.  It was last seen heading North/West away from Rt 6 towards Elkhart (25 miles or so away.) All seemed well with the flight.  We took off from the campsite, made a few passes over the park and on the last pass the onboard DJI Naza flight computer  locked up. (At least that is our guess.)  Normally when you loose radio reception the onboard computer will bring the Quadcoptor back using it’s failsafe settings.  Seeing it did not do this, the only thought was it just locked, a glitch.  Tried shutting down the radio and then turning it back on to try to reset.  No result.  Tried manual mode, no result. All we could do is watch the video being sent back to us from the X650 to the video goggles.   Watched it pass over power wires, a home, a dirt road and farm field.  The readings showed that it was heading North West at about 9 mph and had about 6 mins of flight time remaining. It...

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So Long Indy And A Quick Flight With Friends

Sunset At Lake Haven Retreat In Indianapolis So we spent the last week here at Lake Haven Retreat in Indianapolis, IN. We had a trade show here in town and Lake Haven is the perfect spot to park while touring the city and the surrounding area. They are about a mile off the expressway so it’s fairly quiet. A mile away from a really nice Kroger grocery store, GREAT chinese take-out (Hong Kong) and CVS Pharmacy. In the years that we’ve been coming here theirs barely been any kids staying here. So the park stays quiet. Our 43 foot motorcoach can fit easily with our tow. And this year when we arrived, they had paved some of the streets. So they are improving the park. One of the improvements I know they could improve upon is their WiFi. They do have park wide WiFi but it is slow and can be spotty. Hopefully when we come back, which we will, that will be improved too. They do have some seasonal/long term residents but on the upside they keep their sites neat and are very friendly. We met some wonderful people in the park while flying around. Don, Gayle and their puppy recognized our coach from following our blog and said Hi. Nice people and one of the longer term residents of the park. So if you ever see us...

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Hanging Out In Indy

Our Coach And Quadcopter At The FMCA Rally In Indianapolis, IN – August 2012 So the FMCA Rally has wrapped up. David did some more flying around our last day of the rally. David Getting An Awesome Shot Of The Tractor Coming Out Of The Covered Bridge We found a covered bridge on the fairgrounds property and shot some great footage. At the rally David got some lettering to add to the back of the coach that reads “”. That way anyone that see’s us can easily follow along on our journeys. David Putting On The Lettering On The Back Of Our Coach New Lettering On The Back of The Coach I think he did a wonderful job getting everything centered and lined up. He put on the “To Boldly Go…” lettering a few years back and I think this makes a nice addition. Not to crowded. Now we have moved on to a campground not to far away. Just 17 miles south to be exact. On the south side of Indianapolis. Awaiting our next trade show, CEDIA which starts tomorrow. We really haven’t been doing much of anything but resting and relaxing. BK Is Getting Comfy In The Window BK likes taking full advantage of the sunny window. Whisper is sleeping in the bed in the window, so BK had to adjust. This is where he ended up....

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Meeting Chuck of At The FMCA Rally

Chuck From Checking Out The Quadcopter The last evening of the FMCA Rally in Indianapolis we met Chuck Woodbury from RVTravel. com. Word got around quickly about David and his Quadcopter.  So Chuck came over for a look. It seems that Chuck thought it would be a great way also to “See the sights”. He loved that David wanted a better way to be able to share our experience on the road with others and also maybe promote getting out and RV’ing. He totally understood the idea of getting Outside Our Bubble. David And Chuck Checking Out The Quadcopter It was a wonderful evening meeting a new friend so THANKS CHUCK for coming on by! And if you are not a subscriber to Chuck’s RVTravel newsletter, make sure you check it out and get on the subscription list. Here’s a quick video that David made flying around showing off the quadcopter for Chuck. (Note..Their will be music when we start to fly…so do not turn up your speakers to soon thinking their should be audio!) Here is the article Chuck did on us in the RV Travel Newsletter…...

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