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River Ridge RV Resort In Western Michigan

Our Coach At The River Ridge RV Resort You know when you find a nice place and you just happened to be passing through for a couple nights and you end up staying a month? Well, that’s what happened to us when we came upon River Ridge RV Resort in Stanwood, Michigan. Located in the western region of Michigan, about 45 minutes north of Grand Rapids. Beautiful Evening Sky At River Ridge RV Resort The Pool And Community Center At River Ridge RV Resort Beautiful Flowers And Landscaping Every Where At River Ridge RV Resort The Muskegan River At River Ridge RV Resort River Ridge RV Resort is one of those gems that you find in the middle of nowhere. By that, I mean, it’s in the Manistee National Forest, near the Newaygo State Park on the Muskegon River. However it’s only 2 miles from Interstate 131 and shopping and restaurants are just one exit up in Big Rapids, MI. Which is just a quick 10-minute drive. Being out in the forest though Internet, cable and cell signal can be spotty. We have Verizon and without our booster we only had 1 bar, maybe. In the booster we were able to get 4 bars. So that’s doable for us. Someone with AT&T said they were fine with their signal. As far as Internet, the park does have wi-fi hotspots in...

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Exploring Little Bavaria, Frankenmuth, Michigan

Visitor’s Center In Frankenmuth, MI Frankenmuth, Michigan is a little town that claims to be the “Little Bavaria” of Michigan. And when we stopped there for a few nights, we discovered that it is, sort of. I was expecting some older, more original buildings from the 1800’s (kind of like Fredericksburg, TX which we just adore, or the Amana Colonies in Iowa) from when the early immigrants started settling in this area. You can read all about their history here. What we believe we actually saw was more of a “model” of Bavaria to bring the tourists and their money in to this sleepy little town. Full of sausage, cheese and bread shops (all with some kind of Bavarian roots) with the traditional touristy t-shirt, popcorn and fudge shops mixed in. Now don’t get me wrong. I am glad that we stopped for a few nights. It was really cute, however, one day really would have been enough to see everything. Bronner’s Christmas Shop In Frankenmuth, MI Bronner’s Christmas Shop In Frankenmuth, MI Our first stop was to Bronner’s Christmas Shop. If you enjoy Christmas and decorating for the holidays, then I am sure you have heard of Bronner’s in some fashion or perhaps you receive their yearly catalog. They claim to be the largest Christmas store in the world. What we found and explored was giant. Actually, I...

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The Thunder Bay Area, Elk And A Sleigh Ride

Us On A Horse Drawn Carriage Ride Through The Woods The UP, or upper part of Michigan, was getting cold real fast. The colder weather was coming in sooner and faster than previous years. So we decided to head back down into the main part of Michigan and continue our trek on the eastern side. Not knowing where or what we were in for, I just kinda picked a place that sounded interesting, was along our route and was under the 4 hours of driving time that we like to do. Alpena and The Thunder Bay area on the “Sunrise Side” of Michigan seemed to have it all. A place to park, nice scenery, museums and shops and lots of history. Unfortunately it seems as soon as we got there, the weather followed us and turned real cold, rainy and very windy.  We only got out to explore one day into Alpena and we chose to go to the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary This is a free museum that tells all about the marine area and the many many shipwrecks in and around the bay. This area is known worldwide for it’s shipwrecks. And because of the fresh water of the Great Lakes, the shipwrecks are perfectly preserved. If the weather holds out for you, their is a neat tour, from what I...

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Freighters And The Great Lakes Passage

Brenda And A Freighter Passing By Once we left Mackinaw City, MI we drove an hour or so north of there to Sault Ste Marie, MI.  Located in “The UP”, or the upper part of Michigan for those of you who do not know the Michigan lingo. Sault Ste Marie is as far north as you can go in Michigan without crossing into Canada. Looking at the picture above, the land that you see on the other side of the river is Canada. Standing in our motorhome at night, I could look outside our window and see a streetlight change from green to red, in Canada. That’s how close we were. Not that being that close to Canada is that interesting, it’s not like I’m seeing Russia from my house or anything, but I thought it was pretty cool that I could see a street with the cars and the street light change, in a different country while sitting in my motorhome in another country. Speaking of sitting at the campground, we found this wonderful, city run campground that we’d definitely stay at again and we highly recommend.  The Aune-Osborn Campground is located right on the water, with some of the sites facing right on the water. Our Site At Aune-Osborn Campground Some Of The Water Sites At The Aune-Osborn Campground We were actually on site 63, which was...

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Mackinac Island, MI…The Way Life Was And Still Is

Bicycles Are One Of The Primary Modes Of Transportation On Mackinac Island. So… Mackinac Island… What can I say about this place? Well…it’s magical. One of the first things you notice once you step off the ferry is the silence. With a permanent population of just under 500 people, this island has kept it’s old world charm by banning all motorized vehicles. No scooters, no cars, no motorcycles. Nothing. No taxi cabs clogging the sides of the roads, all lined up for a fair. No horns beeping. No exhaust to choke on. Nothing. So what does one do if they want to get around this 8.3 mile island?  Well…you can walk, rent a bicycle, rent a horse and go on horseback, take a horse and buggy tour… One Of The Many Horse And Buggy Tours Around The Island Or do what we did and rent your own horse and buggy from Jack’s Livery Stable and drive yourself. David "Driving" Our Horse And Buggy Around The Island. That was certainly a highlight of our trip.  How often can you say that you drove yourself by horse and carriage around an old Victorian island?  Not often I imagine. If you don’t feel like your up to driving your own horse and buggy, you can always hail a taxi. Yup…they do have taxi’s on the island. But this is what you’ll get....

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