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Exploring St. George, Utah And Temple View RV Resort Review

St. George, Utah LDS Temple We recently stopped in St. George, Utah for a visit. Having never been there before we were intrigued by there rich history. We like to visit historical areas and learn what we can. This area is big in Mormon history and seeing that we are not religious at all, we were not sure what we were in for. Well, regardless of your beliefs, this area of the country, and St. George in particular does play a large role in how this country came about.  The quick version of their history is this…You see, back in the 1800’s the Mormon’s were prevalent in upstate NY (close to where we are from) and in Ohio. People in those areas feared the Mormon faith; the people of that area had driven out the Mormons to find another place to call home. They eventually settled in the Salt Lake City area, led by their President (of the church) Brigham Young.  Then Brigham Young had a vision to go south and expand. So he sent missionaries south of Salt Lake City to look for more land where they could spread their communities and their faith but also find land to grow cotton to help in the Civil War era. So they packed up their wagons and headed out. Along the way, making camps that eventually turned into small towns....

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Exploring Vermont – Part Two

View From Abel Mountain Campground David Getting Ready To Fly With close to two weeks in Vermont, I felt we had seen a lot and done a lot. I did not feel rushed nor did I feel deprived of seeing anything. One of the excursions that was interesting and informative was Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock, Vermont. Billings Farm And Museum Billings Farm And Museum One of the premier dairy farms in Vermont, it’s been around since the 1800’s. George Perkins Marsh, Frederick Billings, and Laurance S. Rockefeller, successive residents of the estate were some of the earliest advocates...

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The Clinton Presidential Library And Heifer International In Little Rock, Arkansas

Our Site At The Downtown Riverside RV Park In Little Rock, AR When we left Texas heading east we took a different route to change things up a little bit. We ended up in Little Rock, Arkansas and decided to spend a couple nights there. We found this great rv park, Passport America park no less, right on the water, over looking downtown Little Rock. The Downtown Riverside RV Park offers full hook-ups, wifi, a great location as well as a great view. We would definitely stay here again. View Of The RV Park From The Pedestrian Bridge View From The RV Park Looking At The Pedestrian Bridge And Presidential Library Across The River While it is located right next to a major traffic bridge, the noise is not bad. Inside our coach we didn’t even hear it. On the other side of the park is an old 1600-foot railroad bridge that the city of Little Rock has repurposed into the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge. Their is an access point right from the rv park to the bridge so that you can walk across the Arkansas River to the Clinton Presidential Library, among other things. While the weather was chilly and very windy when we were there, this bridge would have been a great way to explore the city without having to deal with traffic. Alas, it was way to...

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Natural Bridges, Edge Of Cedars State Park And A Dinosaur Museum

Our first stop was a visit to Natural Bridges National Monument. The drive out there on route 95 was pretty and around every corner there were spectacular views. A real treat we were not expecting was a run in (pun intended) with Team RWB.  We did a blog posting on the running team here. Once we got to Natural Bridges we drove the scenic loop and stopped at many of the overlooks. Natural Bridges National Monument David Enjoying Natural Bridges There are many hiking trails off of these overlooks where you can take to get up close and personal with the natural bridges. You can even hike down to one bridge and travel the loop trail to all three bridges. Keep in mind that it is a 8.6 mile round trip hike which, based on the terrain, will take you all day. Natural Bridges National Monument Natural Bridges National Monument Now don’t get Natural Bridges confused with Arches. While they look similar they are different based on how they were formed. Air and wind currents that eventually punch a hole in a rock; creating an Arch, form arches. A Natural Bridge is formed by a waterway below it that carves out an opening. That waterway may or may not still be present but it is the main factor for creating the Natural Bridge. More info on these two differences...

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Four Corners Monument And Bluff, Utah

Four Corners Monument Four Corners Monument On our way out of Cortez, Colorado and into Utah we took the southern route, route 160 to 162 into Utah. When one does this you pass through the Ute Indian Reservation, ending up on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Close by is a very interesting monument. There really is nothing out there but this monument. The road is totally open and easily drivable with a big rig. The monument itself is called Four Corners Monument. You may have heard of it. It happens to be the only place where four states intersect at one point. Pretty interesting and since it was only 5 miles or so off our route, we chose to check it out. Well, it’s exactly like we had thought. Looking at the pictures online and now in person, it really is just a plaque in the middle of a granite pathway where the four corners join together. So here’s my question. Looking at Google Maps and the Four Corners Monument, it looks like the actual plaque depicting where the four corners meet is wrong. So, is Google Maps wrong or was the monument plaque built slightly off? Google Maps View of Four Corners Monument It’s actually not a new question. Looking at the Navajo Nation website, the four corners and where they actually meet up have been disputed for over 100...

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