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From Wagon Trains To Modern Day Locomotives, I80 Nebraska Is Full Of History

The Archway In Kearney, Nebraska While traveling to our next destination along I80 westbound, we happened upon this gorgeous looking Archway Bridge. I grabbed the camera and took a couple shots out our rain soaked windshield and we thought, “What a cool looking bridge.” What we did not know until we passed it, and thankfully saw signs for it, was that this was a museum! They had great signs telling us that we could get off at the next exit and explore this museum and isn’t this what traveling is all about? Exploring things that you may not have known were there? We had plenty of time before we needed to get to our next stop, so we decided to take the exit and see what this Archway was all about. And boy are we glad we did! The Archway is located in Kearney, Nebraska, which is known as the Sandhill Crane Capital of the World. The Sandhill Cranes are known to land here as a resting stop along their migration path, usually around the March timeframe. While it is not March and therefore no Sandhill Cranes, the Archway is one attraction in Kearney that you don’t want to miss any time of the year. Our Motor Home At The Archway The Archway spans 310 feet across Interstate 80 and it presents 170 years of American history. It really is interesting...

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Chimney Rock National Historic Site

Chimney Rock National Monument In Nebraska At the visitor’s center their is a gift shop and small museum (admission fee charged) that tells all about Chimney Rock and it’s significance along the Oregon Trail. Their was some weather heading our way so David got to flying right away. His video is below. David Flying Chimney Rock What else was interesting about this rv park was that it was surrounded by farmland. And what comes with farmland? Cows. The RV Park And Our Coach From Chimney Rock Our first evening brought a beautiful sunset that lit up the sky. When we left South Dakota we headed south towards Nebraska. What’s in Nebraska you might ask? Well, we came across Chimney Rock National Historic Site which is located in the western part of Nebraska between Scotts Bluff (a National Monument we’ll save for another time) and Bridgeport, Nebraska. If you are a history buff, then you’ll know this is one of the most famous and recognizable landmarks for travelers along the Oregon Trail. This predominate geological rock formation stands nearly 300 feet above the surrounding North Platte River valley. The Visitor’s Center With Chimney Rock In The Background As far as where to stay, you could stay in town a few miles down the road or I had found an interesting rv park that sits right in front of the rock...

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