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Walmart And A Quad?

Parked at Walmart in Mansfield, OH So here we are. At a Walmart parking lot for the night. Just passing through. On our way to the FMCA Rally in Indianapolis, IN. And David could not wait to get his Quadcopter out and take a look around. That’s us parked in the middle of the lot. And David and I standing at the bottom of the picture. Somehow when David said he wanted to buy this quadcopter so he could take some awesome pictures and video of our travels… …This is not what I had in mind :) And yes, on top of many pictures, he did take video of the parking lot too. But I spared you all the download. So you can only enjoy one lonely picture. But if you are interested in seeing the full details of the Walmart parking extravaganza, I can surely arrange something. Just let me know...

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Exploring The Wilds

The Wilds In Southeast Ohio Not to far from Zanesville, Ohio is a very unique place called The Wilds. (Reminded, images cab be clicked to be viewed larger if  you would like.) Well worth the 30 minute drive through some of the rolling hillsides and back roads of southeast Ohio. Some Of The Wilds Acreage The Giraffes At The Wilds Sitting on close to 10,000 acres, or 14 square miles, of land, they currently maintain 31 rare and endangered species from around the world. David and I wanted to do the ziplining and horseback riding.  We went for the ziplining first. The Wilds is unique in that they are the largest nature conservation facility in the entire North American continent.  They are a private, non-profit safari park and conservation center that offers unique experiences such as ziplining and horseback riding through the preserve. The Wilds In Southeast Ohio David Ziplining Through The Preserve David Ziplining Through The Preserve We had wonderful weather for it.  It was hot, about 90 degrees hot, but we had a great breeze throughout the day.  Plus it was overcast, so that helped. David Ziplining Through The Preserve Some Of The Ziplines At The Wilds It’s an interesting course.  You are taken through trees, not being able to see the platform on the other end.  All the way to an open area over the ponds...

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Zanesville, Ohio…Yup, I Didn’t Know Where It Was Either.

Tory Just Can Not Contain Her Excitement So we’re on the road again.  Only for a couple weeks, so don’t get too excited. We’re heading to “The Rally” in Louisville, KY which starts on Wednesday. As you can see form the above picture, Tory can not contain her excitement.  Hee hee. We decided to head out a little early and see what we see.  We thought a stop over for the weekend in Zanesville, OH was a good destination.  It had a few places of interest in town to see and close by is an animal sanctuary that looked interesting.  More on that later. Well, with not much in the way of campgrounds, we settled on Wolfie’s Campground.   It did get good reviews on, Woodall’s and Good Sam Trailerlife.  So we were hopeful. Let’s see…what can I say about this place?  I really don’t want to make this whole post about this campground, as it started out to be because I was just ranting on and on, so I’ll leave it as this… We will definitely not be back and we will certainly not recommend it to anyone. So back to Zanesville, OH.  It sits just east of Columbus, OH and has some interesting historical points of interest.  Zanesville was once home to the states second capitol city and the building now serves as the courthouse.  Sorry, no...

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