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OOBerfest 2017 Full Concert Video!

OOBerfest 2017 So OOBerfest 2017 has come and gone. If you missed it, you can read all about it here. We all had a good time but one of our favorite memories, one that we are still talking about to this day, is the Notes From Neptune Concert we held. You heard me right. We held a concert, out in the middle of the dessert of Quartzsite, AZ, dry camping, for over 200 of our friends/followers, with 5 huge bon fires and LED lighting provided from our coach. Oh….let’s not forget the tequila too :) OOBerfest 2017 Notes From...

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Exploring Sedona And Jerome, Arizona

Sedona, AZ Sedona, AZ First Sedona, Arizona. Well….we were not expecting what we found. With all the hype that everyone talks about Sedona, we were anxious to get there and explore. We’ve been trying for a couple years now to get to this town but things just never lined up quite right. This time, we left Cottonwood early (Sedona’s only a half hour drive) so we would have the whole day to explore. The drive in to Sedona was beautiful. The red rocks and high peaks, gorgeous. When you get into town, not so much. While we were there...

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Dead Horse Ranch State Park In Cottonwood, Arizona

Traveling Interstate 40 Eastbound Towards Flagstaff, AZ At the beginning of December we spent 6 days in Cottonwood, Arizona at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. This was our first time at this park and from what we experienced, it won’t be our last. First of all, it was pretty easy to get to with our 45 foot motor home and tow. The sites themselves are very large and well spaced apart and the loop that we stayed in had water and 50 amp electric at every site. A dump station was located towards the entrance to the park. Dead...

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Fun In Moab, Utah

Start Of The Chicken Corner’s Off Roading Trail In Moab, Utah When people find out that you travel full-time in a motor home the question always comes up of, “Where is your favorite place that you have travelled to?” This question is always difficult to answer because the States that we have explored so far are all so different. You have the areas with the Great Smokey Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, the Gulf Coast states, the Northeast with their Fall Colors and shore lines, the Texas Hill Country (one of our favorites) and then there is Moab, Utah and the surrounding area with all of their red rocks. Part Of The Chicken Corner’s Off Roading Trail In Moab, Utah Part Of The Chicken Corner’s Off Roading Trail In Moab, Utah As you may recall, we have been to Moab, Utah before. A couple of years ago in fact. You can read all about our adventures here and here. We had such a great time last time we were in Moab that we kept saying that we had to go back. Well, we finally made it back and it still did not disappoint. We stayed at the same place, Portal RV Resort, which is just a great place to stay. (tell them we said so. :)) You know how sometimes you visit a place and what you remember is not how it...

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