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Mach 8 RV Air-conditioner Hush Kit – Install and Review!

Tired of the loud, annoying, Mach 8 AC units on your coach or RV? So were we but what could you do right? Wearing headphones all the time, while they worked well, quickly became an issue when you tried to talk. (Kidding of course about the headphones. After all, Brenda and I never talk.) Well, a company named Orbital Machine Works came out with a solution and it was not until recently I was made aware of it. They designed and sell the Mach 8 AC Hush Kit to make these noisy air conditioning units much better to live with. So,...

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Halon RV Fire Suppression Now Added For Electrical

Just wanted to add a note about my update on fire suppression. If you may recall, we added an engine compartment foam fire suppression system. If you are not aware, here is the post on it. CLICK HERE. Well I just wanted to say that we had been asked a number of times about electrical fires and what you can use in that case for suppression. The answer is clean agent gas such as hfc227 or halon 1211. (Whats that? Read what it is HERE.) So I ordered in two Halon suppression systems for our coach and just installed...

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Our Top Seven RV Must Haves

So as you may guess, we get asked a lot about things that we use in our motor coach. Sometimes it is just a question on communications such as Wi-Fi or data services. Others times in comes down to safety. So we figured we would put together a quick list of the items that we feel are must haves so to speak.  So why top seven? Well, everyone else does 5 and 10 and we wanted to be different.  We also felt doing it right before Amazon Prime day would be a plus for then we may get a...

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weboost Drive 4G-X RV – Did You Know About It?

You may have seen our blog post on the weboost Drive 4G-X OTR that we did to show you how well you can boost cell phone and 4G data coverage. (If not CLICK HERE) You may have also thought it would be be difficult to install or you did not understand how to use it etc.  Well GOOD NEWS! weboost has come out with the Drive 4G-X RV unit that is an all in one kit made with the RV’er in mind! Now what makes this so different is that I mentioned it was made with the RV’er in...

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Shmeg’s Restaurant In Gates, NY

OK…So you know that we like to frequent mom and pop restaurants and help support those that are making it on their own. Shmeg’s is a restaurant that fits that bill to a tee. They opened in 2015 but we were just introduced to their establishment by friends of ours, Mark and Trish. Their name is as unique as their dishes they serve. Shmeg’s comes from a combination of the owner’s names, Shawn and Megan. Both working in the restaurant industry most of their lives, decided to join forces and open their own establishment.  When you first walk into Shmeg’s...

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