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Hey David… What’s Your Best RV Hack? Aqua-Hot!

I get asked often what do I consider to be the my best “RV hack” that I have done to the coach. That would have to be the “Auto On” of the Aqua-Hot burner, but only when taking a shower, using a flow switch!  The idea here is we know we will need more hot water than the electric heating element can provide for showers, especially in the colder months, so this will be sure the burner is ON for us when taking a shower. If the burner is OFF, the diesel burner will not fire and we will...

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Replace Standard Driving Lights to LED for Added Visibility!

So one great thing you can look to do this coming new year is replace your outside driving lights with LED versions if you currently have standard bulbs. This greatly adds to the visibility during the daytime as well as enhancing the night time for sure! I did all of ours when I had one running light bulb go out. I said why stick with the old, so I set out looking for new LED versions I needed. This was not as easy as I thought however as I needed to figure out the bulbs and hunt down LED...

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Paint Scratch Removal – The Easy Way!

What can I say, we all get paint scratches now and again. You know those darn trees that you just didn’t see as you went down the RV park road because the RV park did not cut them back properly. Or when you were backing into a site and that tree just jumped out of nowhere. Not that we would’ve ever done any of these mind you. :-)  But let’s face it, for those that know, it used to be a real pain to remove scratches from your clear coat. Thankfully I have Andrew of A.N.S. Detailing, who told...

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weboost Drive Sleek – 4G Cell Phone Booster For Your Motorhome Tow Vehicle

As we have discussed in the past, the weboost Drive 4G RV can greatly help your cell phone and data on reception in your RV or Motorhome. So why should we forget about our tow vehicle? The answer is we shouldn’t! In years past we used a product called the Wilson Sleek in our coach and it has been talked about in many posts. But time goes on and so do companies and products. So enter the new weboost Drive Sleek!   So you drive somewhere, park, and then you want to go explore. In doing so, we jump into...

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Smoke Detectors – Consider NEST for Linking Your Motorhome!

Ok, you have heard me say this before…”It is a good idea to add smoke detectors in your cargo bay.” In fact, I’m not sure why many manufacturers don’t do this in the first place. Most manufacturers place one smoke detector in the front of the coach, the least place needed for smoke detectors. I mean if you’re only going to use one, you might as well have it in the middle of the coach right?  OK, maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there is a reason it’s up in the front of the coach and not in the rear...

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