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weboost Drive 4G-X RV – Did You Know About It?

You may have seen our blog post on the weboost Drive 4G-X OTR that we did to show you how well you can boost cell phone and 4G data coverage. (If not CLICK HERE) You may have also thought it would be be difficult to install or you did not understand how to use it etc.  Well GOOD NEWS! weboost has come out with the Drive 4G-X RV unit that is an all in one kit made with the RV’er in mind! Now what makes this so different is that I mentioned it was made with the RV’er in...

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Shmeg’s Restaurant In Gates, NY

OK…So you know that we like to frequent mom and pop restaurants and help support those that are making it on their own. Shmeg’s is a restaurant that fits that bill to a tee. They opened in 2015 but we were just introduced to their establishment by friends of ours, Mark and Trish. Their name is as unique as their dishes they serve. Shmeg’s comes from a combination of the owner’s names, Shawn and Megan. Both working in the restaurant industry most of their lives, decided to join forces and open their own establishment.  When you first walk into Shmeg’s...

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New Product Alert… Simple Chuck Water Deionizer!

Ok, before you ask…”David, don’t you already have a water deionizer?”  Yes I do. In fact I have two CR Water Spotless systems. One I carry with us and the other stays at the “Bott-Lott”. So then why did I get yet another one? Well, I really like the design of the Simple Chuck unit and that you recycle the resin that is used vs tossing it. This makes the cost per wash lower but it does require you of course to stick with the company. But that is OK by me because Simple Chuck comes from the makers...

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Our Third Year Full Timing Update

So we did a 1 year living in our coach and our thoughts and we did a 2 year living in our coach. So now we’ve been getting some emails and questions as to when we are going to do a 3 year review of living in our coach. We’re a little late in doing this as we really were not sure what to say. You see, we haven’t really done much to the coach this past year and what we have done, we’ve blogged about. So you already know about it all. We’re really at a loss as...

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Stoneyard Breakfast Company In Brockport, NY

When you eat at chains restaurants, you know exactly what you are in for. Whether you eat at an Applebee’s, Cracker Barrel or an IHop, they are all the same, all over the country. This can be good for consistency and the knowledge that you know exactly what you are going to get, whether you are in St. Louis or San Francisco. While chain restaurants have their place, we like to frequent Mom and Pop establishments. We like the variety. We like the authentic atmosphere. We like talking to the local people that serve their community. The local flavor,...

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