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Gray and Black RV Tank Flush Out Service

Special High Pressure Tank Cleaning Tip. So we did blog posts on RV Tank Use and hoses that included a CAM Lock Hose System and then we did one on Electronic Dump Valves. We mentioned that we put in the electronic dump valves so we did not need to go outside each time to dump our gray tank as we leave ours closed. So that blog post and video opened up quite the conversions here and elsewheredealing with keeping the gray tank openor closed when you are parked. We treatthe gray tank like the black as it does have...

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Fun In Moab, Utah

Start Of The Chicken Corner’s Off Roading Trail In Moab, Utah When people find out that you travel full-time in a motor home the question always comes up of, “Where is your favorite place that you have travelled to?” This question is always difficult to answer because the States that we have explored so far are all so different. You have the areas with the Great Smokey Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, the Gulf Coast states, the Northeast with their Fall Colors and shore lines, the Texas Hill Country (one of our favorites) and then there is Moab, Utah and the surrounding area with all of their red rocks. Part Of The Chicken Corner’s Off Roading Trail In Moab, Utah Part Of The Chicken Corner’s Off Roading Trail In Moab, Utah As you may recall, we have been to Moab, Utah before. A couple of years ago in fact. You can read all about our adventures here and here. We had such a great time last time we were in Moab that we kept saying that we had to go back. Well, we finally made it back and it still did not disappoint. We stayed at the same place, Portal RV Resort, which is just a great place to stay. (tell them we said so. :)) You know how sometimes you visit a place and what you remember is not how it...

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Bott-Lott CampJam 2016

Bott Lott Fall 2016 Bott-Lott Fall 2016 We are getting set to say “So Long, See Ya Later” to our friends here at Southwoods RV Resort in Byron, NY. Everything is packed away for the winter and we are set to pull out of here in a couple days. So what does one do to say Good-bye to friends? Well, most would get together one last time, whether it be for dinner or drinks around the campfire. Well we do something a little different and throw a “Bott-Lott” CampJam. What’s a CampJam you ask? Well….we gathered some of our friends and family and threw a party, on our site of course, where we have live music and others can come in a play some. It’s all in great fun. Jello Shots Ready! Campfire Roaring! Band Playing! So the Jello shots were made. The campfire was masterfully tended to by our friend Mark… Thanks Mark! Making sure everyone stayed nice and toasty with the campfire and the Jello shots :) Everyone Enjoying The Campfire And The Band The band played for hours. Everyone had a great time. David had a blast joining the band playing his Cajon. He’s really talented at it and loves the opportunities that he has found to play around the country. On a side note…you can join us in Quartzsite, AZ this year (no charge) for...

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