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Working Hard Installing An RV Park Wi-Fi System.

Our Site At North Texas Jellystone RV Resort Sorry there has not been any postings lately. We are currently parked at North Texas Jellystone RV Resort in Burleson, TX, just south of Fort Worth. We’ve been here over a month now as David has been working non-stop on improving this park’s WiFi system. You see, a friend of ours owns this park and asked for David’s help in expanding his WiFi system. Well, that simple expansion has turned into a complete rip out and re-build of a new and improved WiFi system. The old system was just that….old. So in order to support all the traffic and a new fiber line coming into the park, a whole new system had to be built in its place. David explains that whenever you put in a WiFi system in an rv park it’s always a “Best Effort” install. You see, it can never be 100% for everyone all the time. You have to remember that rv parks are always in flux. There are rv’s coming and going all the time. So you may be just fine connecting to the local campground’s WiFi system one day but then you may get a new neighbor and all of a sudden you have half the signal or none at all. It could be how they are parked and the signal could be bouncing off their...

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Visiting Friends In Texas

Our Spot At The RV Ranch of Keene, TX Last winter, as you may, remember that we spent a couple months at the RV Ranch in Keene, Texas. This is a great stop if you are passing through the area. Big enough pull throughs for our 45-foot motor home and tow vehicle. You can, in a few spots, easily stay hooked up if you’re just passing through, however, I recommend staying a few days and checking out the area. This rv park makes for a great launching off pad for exploring the Fort Worth area, just a quick 20 minute drive away. We became good friends with the rv park owners, Ronnie and Ginger and their mother Annette whom runs the front office. The RV Park of Keene is actually off Interstate 35 about 7 miles west and 20 miles south of Fort Worth. However if you are driving through some of the northern part of Texas Hill Country and you find yourself needing a place to stay, this park is easily within reach. Stopping here not only gives us time with our friends but we can also visit the great food that is in the area. I know we are not the only ones that enjoy finding mom and pop restaurants that make the town what it is. We have a few favorites in this area. Del Norte...

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Merry Christmas To All!

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to all our family and friends out there. We hope that you have a great day today. Please hug all your family and friends that you may be with and if you are not near your family today, please know that you have friends out there thinking of you. Tory Looking For Her Present Tory Looking For Her Present Whisper Wondering What’s Up There For Him Whisper Looking For His Present Whisper Found His Toy Whisper So Happy For Christmas He’s Crying Whisper Taking A Break Tory Making Sure Whisper Isn’t Messing With Her Toy Tory Playing With Her Toy While Whisper Looks On. Whisper Taking A Break From All The Toys BK Wondering What’s Up There For...

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