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Exploring St. George, Utah And Temple View RV Resort Review

St. George, Utah LDS Temple We recently stopped in St. George, Utah for a visit. Having never been there before we were intrigued by there rich history. We like to visit historical areas and learn what we can. This area is big in Mormon history and seeing that we are not religious at all, we were not sure what we were in for. Well, regardless of your beliefs, this area of the country, and St. George in particular does play a large role in how this country came about.  The quick version of their history is this…You see, back in the 1800’s the Mormon’s were prevalent in upstate NY (close to where we are from) and in Ohio. People in those areas feared the Mormon faith; the people of that area had driven out the Mormons to find another place to call home. They eventually settled in the Salt Lake City area, led by their President (of the church) Brigham Young.  Then Brigham Young had a vision to go south and expand. So he sent missionaries south of Salt Lake City to look for more land where they could spread their communities and their faith but also find land to grow cotton to help in the Civil War era. So they packed up their wagons and headed out. Along the way, making camps that eventually turned into small towns....

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Fun In Moab, Utah

Start Of The Chicken Corner’s Off Roading Trail In Moab, Utah When people find out that you travel full-time in a motor home the question always comes up of, “Where is your favorite place that you have travelled to?” This question is always difficult to answer because the States that we have explored so far are all so different. You have the areas with the Great Smokey Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, the Gulf Coast states, the Northeast with their Fall Colors and shore lines, the Texas Hill Country (one of our favorites) and then there is Moab, Utah and the surrounding area with all of their red rocks. Part Of The Chicken Corner’s Off Roading Trail In Moab, Utah Part Of The Chicken Corner’s Off Roading Trail In Moab, Utah As you may recall, we have been to Moab, Utah before. A couple of years ago in fact. You can read all about our adventures here and here. We had such a great time last time we were in Moab that we kept saying that we had to go back. Well, we finally made it back and it still did not disappoint. We stayed at the same place, Portal RV Resort, which is just a great place to stay. (tell them we said so. :)) You know how sometimes you visit a place and what you remember is not how it...

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Our Trip Cross Country From Bott-Lott In NY To Moab, Utah

Welcome To Utah! So we made our way from our seasonal “Bott-Lott” site at Southwoods RV Resort in Byron, NY to Portal RV Resort in Moab, Utah in less than one week. Yes, I know what you are thinking. That is some long driving days for you and to tell you the truth, yes, yes it was. We prefer not to travel such long days however we left later than we had originally planned and we wanted to get to Moab to enjoy it and not have to cut our time short there. So off we went. When we left Southwoods we had a very windy day. We fought it the entire day and as you all know, that can make for a long, hard driving day. Luckily it only lasted that first day and the rest of the driving days were beautiful skies and no wind. The Corn Crib In Shelby, Iowa On day three we made it to Shelby, Iowa, on purpose, because heading west on I-80 was The Corn Crib in Shelby, Iowa. It’s a great stop. Easy in and out for a big rig and if you need to stop overnight, which we did, they let you stay in the parking area next to the restaurant. If you need hook-ups for the night there is a no nonsense rv park just across the street which...

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Lake Powell And The Grand Canyon

Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona At the end of October, while on our way to the Grand Canyon, we spent a few nights at Lake Powell on the Utah side. Lake Powell is a beautiful 186-mile long lake with sandy beaches, houseboats galore and is surrounded by Glen Canyon Recreation Area. This was a great boondocking site (small fee), right on the water, off of Lone Rock Road. If you were brave enough, you could venture onto the beach and park right on the water. We had planned on this as we had heard many people do and let’s face it, how many times can you park right on the water on a beach like that? When we got there however, we took our tow vehicle down one of the many paths to the water to look for a good path to bring the motor home down. Boy, am I glad we did this. With trying many different paths, we found ourselves almost stuck in the sand twice. We opted not to go down to the beach but find a spot up in the main arriving area that was more compacted dirt and secure. Sunrise At Lake Powell Sunset At Lake Powell After being there for 3 days and having the wind pick up and blow more fine sand onto the paths, we ended up helping 4 different people dig out...

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Zion National Park, Hiking The Narrows And Off-Roading In The Sand Dunes

Zion National Park So I have to say this right off the bat. Zion National Park, right now, is my favorite. I say right now because there are so many, we have yet to scratch the surface. However, if you have a limited amount of time, I highly recommend Zion in southwestern Utah. First off, we stayed a short drive (about 25 minutes) away at the WillowWind RV Park in Hurricane, Utah. It was a nice rv park right in town, close to everything, stores and restaurants, yet quiet. You wouldn’t think it would be quiet being right in town, but it was. Our 45ft motor home fit in our spot nicely but there were some sites we would not have fit. Verizon worked well there. Here’s the quadcopter video David did of the park. We were in town for a week so Zion was naturally our first destination. We had never been there before so we stopped at the visitor’s center, along with half the rest of the world, yes it was that busy, and got some information. There are a bunch of hiking and biking trails, some camping inside the park, if you fit which we would not have, horseback riding and more. Just outside Zion is a cute little town, Springdale, Utah with a bunch of restaurants and stores to explore. We decided to start off just...

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