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weboost Drive 4G-X RV – Did You Know About It?

You may have seen our blog post on the weboost Drive 4G-X OTR that we did to show you how well you can boost cell phone and 4G data coverage. (If not CLICK HERE) You may have also thought it would be be difficult to install or you did not understand how to use it etc.  Well GOOD NEWS! weboost has come out with the Drive 4G-X RV unit that is an all in one kit made with the RV’er in mind! Now what makes this so different is that I mentioned it was made with the RV’er in...

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New Product Alert… Simple Chuck Water Deionizer!

Ok, before you ask…”David, don’t you already have a water deionizer?”  Yes I do. In fact I have two CR Water Spotless systems. One I carry with us and the other stays at the “Bott-Lott”. So then why did I get yet another one? Well, I really like the design of the Simple Chuck unit and that you recycle the resin that is used vs tossing it. This makes the cost per wash lower but it does require you of course to stick with the company. But that is OK by me because Simple Chuck comes from the makers...

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Coach Engine Fire – Sadly Fire Suppression Not Installed Yet

First, let me start by saying everyone, including their pets got out of this fire ok. The bad news, as you all may guess, is that this is a total loss for the coach as well as the Jeep.  This coach was owned by some friends of ours. When they called us on Saturday, June 10, 2017, just a day after this had happened, we were in shock.  This is a reminder to us all that this could really could happen at any moment to anyone. They were driving down the highway in Arizona, going about their business, when...

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Easy RV and Coach Bug Removal – Bugs N’ All

Splat! (Insert bad word here) BUGS! We have all been there and if you have not yet, because you are new to owning a coach or RV, you surely will be. What you see to the right is what our coach looked like after traveling for 14 hours in about 72 degree weather. (Temperature can play a roll in the sure number of bugs out.)  This was on our way from Tennessee to our seasonal site at Southwoods RV Resort in Byron, NY on on April 9th. I only mention this because at that time of the year, it is usually still too...

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Smoke Detector In Cargo Bay – Quick Tip Reminder

Back in November 2015 we posted a Quick Tip on adding a smoke detector or two inside your cargo bay. (Find it here) This was posted as we felt it is an often overlooked area of the coach for fire protection. The post was simple and quick with a short video. We are making this post as we received an email from a reader that we thought we would share with you all. I want to thank you for a post you did in November 2015. You wrote about the smoke detector you placed in your basement. I thought that...

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