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Help Family Gain Peace of Mind – Livi Medication Dispenser

As some of you may recall, we did a segment on the “B-Side of Full Timing” where we brought up something that you may not have given any thought to when looking to have a life on the road. That being, what happens when a family member back home becomes ill. Have you thought about that aspect of travel? If you do not recall the post or video, please feel free to check it out. That post and video came about based on my father going into the hospital and the choice we needed to make as to if...

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Hey David… What’s Your Best RV Hack? Aqua-Hot!

I get asked often what do I consider to be the my best “RV hack” that I have done to the coach. That would have to be the “Auto On” of the Aqua-Hot burner, but only when taking a shower, using a flow switch!  The idea here is we know we will need more hot water than the electric heating element can provide for showers, especially in the colder months, so this will be sure the burner is ON for us when taking a shower. If the burner is OFF, the diesel burner will not fire and we will...

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WARNING!!! Don’t Attach Your Wi-Fi Devices to RV Parks!

Think TWICE before you directly connect your devices to an RV Park’s Wi-Fi system!!!  Yup, you read that correctly. Did you know that connecting your printers or content streams to an RV Parks wi-fi could leave you open to being hacked or even having porn streamed to your TV.  Yup, think about that one, how wonderful would it be when your child is watching a child appropriate show and then out of nowhere, it switches to porn? Or, for those of you that just leave your outside TV running even if not around, if it is connected to the...

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Window Awnings, Reduce the Heat, But Keep The View!!!

Ok, you might be asking yourself, what do they mean “Keep the view”?  Well, did you know you could get see through window awnings?  But wait, first lets say why you want to use window awnings. In the simple test in the video below, you will see almost a 40 degree difference in temperature when using a heat meter to take a reading off the window. Yes…almost 40 degree difference!!! So first and foremost, use your window awnings for goodness sake as it will cut down on the heat entering your coach or RV.  But now you are saying,...

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Replace Standard Driving Lights to LED for Added Visibility!

So one great thing you can look to do this coming new year is replace your outside driving lights with LED versions if you currently have standard bulbs. This greatly adds to the visibility during the daytime as well as enhancing the night time for sure! I did all of ours when I had one running light bulb go out. I said why stick with the old, so I set out looking for new LED versions I needed. This was not as easy as I thought however as I needed to figure out the bulbs and hunt down LED...

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