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weboost Drive Sleek – 4G Cell Phone Booster For Your Motorhome Tow Vehicle

As we have discussed in the past, the weboost Drive 4G RV can greatly help your cell phone and data on reception in your RV or Motorhome. So why should we forget about our tow vehicle? The answer is we shouldn’t! In years past we used a product called the Wilson Sleek in our coach and it has been talked about in many posts. But time goes on and so do companies and products. So enter the new weboost Drive Sleek!   So you drive somewhere, park, and then you want to go explore. In doing so, we jump into...

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Smoke Detectors – Consider NEST for Linking Your Motorhome!

Ok, you have heard me say this before…”It is a good idea to add smoke detectors in your cargo bay.” In fact, I’m not sure why many manufacturers don’t do this in the first place. Most manufacturers place one smoke detector in the front of the coach, the least place needed for smoke detectors. I mean if you’re only going to use one, you might as well have it in the middle of the coach right?  OK, maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there is a reason it’s up in the front of the coach and not in the rear...

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Consider a Water Sensor for your RV or Motor Coach!

People ask me about what all that stuff in my water bay is? Then they ask don’t I ever get worried about having a water leak?  Well yes, I do worry about it and that is the reason I added a Wi-Fi enabled water sensor into the cargo bay. With all that stuff down there that handles everything from washing the coach and car to supplying water to the inside of our coach, there is more of a chance that something can happen for sure. So the addition of a water sensor is more or less peace of mind...

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Long Range 2-Way Radios for RVing

It seems as of late we’ve been asked more and more what we do for 2-way radios. Usually the answer is a cell phone. However sometimes the cell phone just is not as convenient as using a 2-way radio.  2-way radios are fast with no dialing, and that’s convenient. And when the need arises you can talk to multiple people at the same time. This often comes in very handy if you’re doing a caravan, off roading, hiking, etc. Just an FYI, you cannot get cell phone in all places as much as you would think you could. (I...

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Mach 8 RV Air-conditioner Hush Kit – Install and Review!

Tired of the loud, annoying, Mach 8 AC units on your coach or RV? So were we but what could you do right? Wearing headphones all the time, while they worked well, quickly became an issue when you tried to talk. (Kidding of course about the headphones. After all, Brenda and I never talk.) Well, a company named Orbital Machine Works came out with a solution and it was not until recently I was made aware of it. They designed and sell the Mach 8 AC Hush Kit to make these noisy air conditioning units much better to live with. So,...

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