Driving Towards Bandera, TX. Interesting How The Mountain Is Split Right Down The Middle To Make Way For The Road.

Bandera, Texas is known as the Cowboy Capital of the World.  Their cowboy heritage began in the late 1800’s when it served as a staging area for the great Western Cattle Drives.  Today a number of world champion rodeo cowboys call Bandera home.  Bandera sits in the Texas Hill Country.  Just north west of San Antonio.

We came here with our friends Bob & Pat.  Just to check out the land and explore.  I can honestly say, there is lots of land.  BIG, truly Texas sized, ranches.  I love the grand entrance ways they have at the beginning of there driveways. Wandering cows, steers, goats, buffalo, horses, deer, and anything else you can imagine.  It’s strange to look over and see geese, goats, cows and a dog all in one penned in area.

Last night we found an interesting restaurant.  It is called The OST Restaurant.  OST stands for Old Spanish Trail.  Inside it truly is cowboy all the way.  The bar stools are horse saddles!  I would think that if you spent all day sitting on a saddle, you wouldn’t want to relax and have a beer sitting on one.  I know after sitting at a desk all day I wouldn’t want to go to a restaurant where I sit in a cubicle to relax.  Maybe that’s just my crazy New York thinking coming out.  OOOO…maybe I just came up with a brilliant idea for a New York restaurant.  Oh well.  Who has the time.

We’re going to head to Boerne, TX on Tuesday which isn’t to far from here.  Just to see something different.  New scenery.  New restaurants.  New people.  New smells for Tasha.  Oh…did I mention the rv place we found has grass!  We didn’t tell Tasha yet, but I’m sure she’ll have a smile on her face when we get there.

Roaming Buffalo

OST Restaurant in Bandera, TX

There Are Horses Next To The RV Park We Are At.