The Sun Came Out

Day 14 leads us to another day for tile work.

We are learning that the tile work is a very long process in itself.

More Tiles Being Pulled Out

Lots Of Tiles By The Powder Room

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

That’s what we walked into this morning at 6am. Not a fun way to start the day. More banging with a hammer. More tiles being ripped up.

I must say though, Jose the tile guy, is very thorough and removes every blemished and cracked tile he finds. He won’t even leave one in that has a little chip that could be grouted over. It has the potential to crack down the road so he’d rather take it out now and replace it.

Replacing Tile

Screwing Down The Tile Very Carefully

Now when it comes down to replacing the tile, that is a whole other beast. We were worried about the heated floor elements getting damaged and not working later. What we found out was the tile team turn on the heated floor and use a Flir gun to see the heating elements. Then they can pinpoint exactly where they can place the screws that hold the tiles into place.

Working On The Engine Compartment In The Back Closet

David Trying To Get Through The Day

They even had to work on the tile over the engine compartment door. We found that it was not sitting flush with the rest of the floor. So once the team got the engine compartment door up they worked on making it even.I must say, it was pretty interesting to see the engine from that angle. Hopefully I won’t ever have to see it again like that because that would mean that something was really wrong.

With so much banging going on all day long David was trying his best to get through the day. It is difficult to see our beautiful coach, that was actually starting to look finished, all torn up and dusty and dirty again.

Honestly, we can’t wait until this part is done.

Here’s our opinion, if you plan on coming into Red Bay, AL to see your motor home being built, which we highly recommend, skip the tile repair days.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

That was our day.

Old Window Getting Removed

New Window Going In

On a plus note, we did get our passenger side window changed out. We noticed that when you sit down in the passenger seat and try to look out the window, you can not. The bar to open the window is very thick and obscures the entire viewing area.

Tiffin does have a direct replacement window that is a dual pane, single window. It can not open but you definitely have the view.

The plan for tomorrow is to grout all the new tile as they did not get to it today. So I don’t think anything else will be going on as the grout has to have a full day to dry.

BTW…Also a thought after pondering this tile work….To me it feels good that Tiffin chooses to go to the extreme they do with the time and expense of pulling tiles that was chipped. I mean, the guy gets on the floor with a light and goes tile by tile. 60% of the replacement were due to chips. As mentioned, even chips we would have never noticed, they tile was marked for replacement. So, to us, this showed a dedication to the product. So yes, they can improve this by looking at the tiles more closely before put down is my guess.

So I may not have a post tomorrow for you.

And now you know why.