Lubec, Maine

Lubec, Maine is on record as being the eastern most town in the continental United States.  It’s a cute little, no stop light town with more to offer than we had originally thought.  There were light houses, excellent pizza and the most awesome home made chocolate shop to die for.

Monica Talking To Dasy From WeGoFar, David & Brenda About Her Success. Thank You For The PIcture.

Chocolate Churning At Monica’s. Thank You For The Picture.

YUM! Chocolate. Thank You For The Picture.

The chocolate…OH MY! Monica’s Chocolate is to die for!  Monica hand makes everything.  And when I say everything, I mean she crushes and purees the peanuts, she hand makes the caramel, the raspberry wine truffle filling, the you name it she makes it by hand filling.  When we were talking to her she had quite the stories.  Of her home in Peru, to coming and marrying in the US, to opening and running her own business.  Speaking of running her own business, she has an amazing story.  She did not know how to make chocolate before coming to Lubec.  To make a long story short, she went to the local library, pick up some books on chocolate making, had her husband translate them as she spoke limited english, and started her own business.  Amazing!  And the chocolates…melt in your mouth.  I can honestly say that I’ve never had any better chocolate.  And she ships!  That could be bad.

David & Brenda At The Furthest Most Eastern Point In The Continental US.

West Quoddy Lighthouse In Lubec, Maine

The West Quoddy Lighthouse is the actual most eastern point in the continental US.  There is an island off of the coast that is actually the furthest east piece of land, but seeing that you couldn’t get to it, we’ll take this.  The lighthouses in Maine are certainly something to see.  There is a lot of history behind these structures and if you are lucky, you can take a tour.  We were not so lucky.  They only open up this particular lighthouse every so often for tours.  And there mostly for fundraisers.  It still would be interesting.  Oh well, maybe next time.

East Quoddy Lighthouse On Campobello Island, Canada.

American Bald Eagle On Campobello Island, Canada

Campobello Island, Canada is just over the bridge in Lubec, Maine.  This is where the East Quoddy Lighthouse is located among other things.  While visiting the island you can spot whales, puffins and bald eagles.  We did not see any puffins, however we did spot some fin back whales, a seal and at least three bald eagles.  It was a rainy and drizzly day, so we were not there long.  The wind whipping up from the ocean was brutal.  And imagine…we saw fishermen out on there boats.  What hearty souls they must have.  I know this camper was thankful to get back to the MH for some hot chocolate.

FDR International Park At Campobello Island, Canada

FDR’s Summer Cottage On Campobello Island, Canada

President F.D. Roosevelt had a summer cottage on Campobello Island, Canada.  He spent every summer there as a child and loved it so much he built this summer cottage.  Yes, this huge place is a summer cottage.  It had a beautiful view of the water where he used to go sailing and swimming with his children.  It sits on one of only two International Parks in the world.  In other words, it is on Canadian soil but it’s an American park and historical building.  It has a lot of the original furnishings and fixtures.  You can take a tour of the residence and there are tour guides along the way to tell you about the place.  It was pretty interesting to say the least.

Sunset Point Campground Sign. Thank You For The PIcture.

David Walking Tasha At The Campground.

David & Tasha Enjoying A Peaceful Evening At The Campground.

Sun Set At Sunset Point Campground. Thank You For The PIcture.

Tasha Enjoying The Sun Set At The Campground.

The campground we stayed at in Lubec, Maine was the Sunset Point Campground. It was a nice campground that sat on a peninsula.  So the views were wonderful.  The sunsets were beautiful, for lack of a better word, and it was right across the street from Monica’s Chocolates!  What more could you ask for?