As some of you may recall, we did a segment on the “B-Side of Full Timing” where we brought up something that you may not have given any thought to when looking to have a life on the road. That being, what happens when a family member back home becomes ill. Have you thought about that aspect of travel? If you do not recall the post or video, please feel free to check it out. That post and video came about based on my father going into the hospital and the choice we needed to make as to if we should fly home or not. Seeing we had lived in upstate NY, it is not like we could just go back there with the coach during the winter.

Well that issue lead us down a road to another issue, that then had us looking for a way to help my mother while away. That being, taking her medications. Not only the right medications, but also at the right times! So what does this have to do with RV’ing or being on the road? Well nothing directly other than the way to help out my mother, as well as my sisters, and at the same time getting some peace of mind while traveling. Let me explain. 

You see, my Dad is still not back home from Thanksgiving day 2017 and today is March 3rd, 2018. The issue created, that we did not think about, was my Dad was the one that took care of setting up the daily medications and getting them all organized for the both of them. Also very important was taking them at the right times of the day. Seeing my Dad would handle all of this, the issue came up of needing to Mom get her proper medications, at the proper times.

My sisters were going over to Mom’s and setting them up for the week, however, Mom would sometimes forget them or maybe mix them up thus taking the wrong pills at the wrong time. At some point, my sisters would even need to go over and lay them out on the stove with notes on them of times etc. Of course, this was time consuming for them and still was no guarantee Mom would take them. Thus, a problem where their was none before.

So enter Livi. What’s a “Livi” you ask? Just the best medication dispenser I could find! And what does this have to do with RV’ing? Well, as I said, nothing actually. However, seeing we live on the road, or even if you don’t travel full time, it offers you a way to help and also get some peace of mind when you have a loved one that may need help with medications. So based on the issue created above with my Dad not being home, and Mom needing some help with the medications, Livi was our solution to help out and at the same time, offer us peace of mind. 

Peace of mind? Yes. You see we now know that Mom is getting her proper medications, at the proper times, as it is fully automated. The Livi can hold 15 different medications, with up to a 90 day supply of each, based on the pill size. So when setting it up, there are a number of alerts you can set to receive by text message, e-mail, or both. So not only can you be notified that medications are due, but that the button was pressed to dispense them!   

To us, and my sisters, this serves two main purposes we really like. One is that we know when the button was pressed so we know she received the right pills at the right time. But two, and this is a big one to us, knowing she pressed the button we then know she is all right. That’s where the peace of mind come in!  If she does not press the button to dispense the meds, it will alert us of that and we can check in on her. (For all we know she was at Bingo at the time.) Each medication you can set times for and give “windows” of times when the medication can be taken. If the window is missed, you can be alerted. I will not get into it all, as you can surely find out more about it on their site if this is something you may have a need for. 

You can have as many “caregivers” on the notify list and each one can choose how they care to be notified for each of the types of notifications that can be set. So each of my sisters are also receiving notices, thus we all know mom’s day is going along just fine and that she is taking her medications properly. 

It surely is not the lowest price solution, however, it is the most advanced in what it can do. For example, it even uses cellular data service for ease of setup vs needing a phone lines as well as having a battery backup built in so meds can be dispensed even during a power failure. You pay for what you get, and to us, it surely has been worth it over the last two months we have had it. Not to mention their customer service is outstanding to say the least.

As we did when my Dad went into the hospital to give you some food for thought, we thought we would do the same having come across something that helps us, and our loved ones, when while living on the road.

Peace of mind while on the road helping a loved one. That is why Livi can be something for an RV’er. We did a video talk about it of course.

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