Snowing Again

Yup.  Here it is mid April.  Most of the country is warming up.  Spring flowers are in bloom.  Trees have sprouted their leaves.  Birds have made their nests.

Everywhere but here that is.  Today is April 18th and it’s still snowing!  Can you believe it.  I guess I couldn’t be that shocked.  It’s not completely unheard of.  I’m just tired of it.

It’s not even a pretty snow.  It’s a wet, slushy snow that makes everything wet and muddy.  You don’t feel like going outside to do anything.

Snowing Outside From Our Side Deck

Snowing In Our Backyard

Sure the trees have buds on them.  But who can tell with all this muddy, brown yukkiness.

The MH All Tucked Away In It’s Garage, While It’s Still Snowing

The motor home is even tucked away in it’s garage dreaming about our summer trip.  That is if summer ever shows up.