All Four Kitties Sound Asleep On The Bed

It’s one of those days.  Were no one wants to do anything.  You just want to climb back into bed.  Except it’s filled with kitties!

How funny is that.  All four kitties in their own corner of the bed.  If you know our kitties, then you know this is unusual.  Tory, in the upper left, tries to avoid Whisper, lower right, as much as possible.  When she jumped on the bed and saw him I guess she just didn’t care.  The bed was calling to her.

Rainy and snowy is the forecast for the day.  Yuk and more yuk is my forecast.

Looking Out Our Bedroom Window Was A Beautiful Cardinal

Yup…BK Is Not Supposed To Be On The Kitchen Counter Top. But I Had To Take This Cute Photo Before I Got Him Off

Yup…BK is not allowed on the kitchen counter tops.  But he looked like he was just asking for his picture to be taken. So I obliged before I got him down.

Whisper Passed Out On My Computer

Apparently Whisper played too hard and just passed out on my computer.  A little hard to work while their’s such a cute sleeping kitty.

Angel Looking Oh So Cute. She’s Good At That.

I think was trying to tell me she was hungry for dinner.  I was sitting at the table working on the computer and she just jumps up and stares at me.  I got the hint.  Subtle that it was.

So it was just one of those weeks were the cats seemed to rule.  But honestly, when do they not rule the house? We are so whipped.