Rochester Public Market Entranceway

With the public market still going strong today, it’s no wonder it was voted the #1 public market in the country by the 2010 Favorite Farmer’s Market contest put on by the American Farmland Trust.

Home Made Pasta

It was a beautiful spring day and we have been cooped up for far too long.  It’s been raining non stop here for what seems like forever.  Now we are in for some nice warm spring weather this coming week and we are going to take full advantage of it.

Today we decided to visit our local Rochester Public Market.  The Rochester Public Market has been in Rochester’s history since 1827 when the then village of Rochester had only 5000 residents.

One Of The Outdoor Areas Of The Market

One Of The Outdoor Areas Of The Rochester Public Market

What are some of the things you can find at the public market?  Fresh seafood, flowers, home made pasta, home made sausages, straight from the farm beef, Amish baked goods and veggies, veggies and more veggies What?  You didn’t know we had Amish communities in New York?  Why yes we do.  You probably don’t think of the Amish and New York in the same region.  Let’s face it, when someone says they are from New York, you think NYC.  Outside of NYC, which is 7 hours from us BTW, there is farm land, countryside, wine country, the Adirondacks (which is the largest National Park in the whole US with over 6 millions acres) , and much, much more.  We also have a very large Amish population in the Finger Lakes region, which is also home to our large and award winning wine country.  The Finger Lakes area is only about 40 minutes south of Rochester.

Chickens And Roosters

What else can you find at the market?  How about a live chicken for dinner?  That’s beyond what I’d like to prepare, or even think about. Don’t get me wrong, I like chicken.  I just don’t want to meet my dinner before I eat it.  Call me crazy.


Fresh Seafood

We also found a fresh coffee bean roasting house that we had to check out.  David had to get a cup of fresh roasted coffee (I don’t like coffee).  It was fresh roasted after all.  Not that he needed that excuse to buy a cup of coffee.  Sorry to say he said the coffee was just ok.  They made it too hot to drink.

Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

More Stuff You Didn’t Know You Needed

Live Music At The Coffee House

We hung around and listened to the local band play.  On top of the traditional guitars and such, they also had a guy playing the wash board, another playing the banjo and others were playing things I totally did not recognize.  Maybe that’s my age showing.  Oh!  I almost forgot to mention the drummer.  He didn’t actually have any drums.  He just happened to be playing a card board box with drum sticks.  Quite well too I might add.  They had quite the audience jumpin’ and jivin’.

Then we found this interesting bakery and cafe where we had lunch.  I say interesting because it had a Mexican cafe, pizza cafe, bread bakery and cheese shop all in one.  The cheese is locally made from a farm in the Finger Lakes region.

And our take for the day?

Whoopi Pies and Sticky Buns of course, courtesy of the Amish people.  You didn’t think we’d get vegetables did you?

Bakery And Cafe That We Had Lunch

Whoopi Pies And Sticky Buns