Driving Through Indiana. Beautiful Farmland Everywhere.

Before we headed home, we made a slight detour to Indiana.

I know, I know, Indiana is on the total opposite side of New York.  We actually had to drive through the very southern part of New York to get there.

We had friends there.  We also had an appointment with Carlyle at Focal Woodworking to have him build a new tv cabinet.  Plus, we had a trade show to attend to in Indianapolis.  So really with no choice, off we went to Indiana.

Large Corn Fields In Indiana

BK Was Completely Passed Out While We Were Driving Down The Road

As you can see, BK could care less where we went.  He was comfortable where ever.

Not Something You Want To See Coming At You Down A Back Road

Driving some back roads in Indiana, this is something you really don’t want to see coming at you.  We believe these are the base units for some really large wind turbines.  Police escort and everything.  We saw several of these traveling around.  Thank goodness we had a small shoulder to move over to give us and them more room.

Amish Shopping At The Flea Market In Shipshewana

While hanging out with our friends they told us about the large flea market in Shipshewana.  It’s only open Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s however, we were there on Labor Day weekend, so they were also open that Monday.  We had to leave that Tuesday, so it was perfect timing.

Shipshewana Flea Market

Boy was this a large flea market!  Coming to this area for a few years now, I’m not sure how we missed this.

Horses Lined Up "Parked" At The Flea Market In Shipshewana

Rows upon rows upon rows of vendors.  Lots and lots of people.  Maybe coming on a holiday wasn’t the brightest of our ideas.

This was the line for a pretzel.  Granted it was an Amish, home made from scratch hot pretzel, but a pretzel non the less.  Did you spot David?  I could not believe he actually had the patience to wait in this line for a pretzel.  Was it worth it?  OOhhhhh yeeaaahhhhh!!!!  We’d do it again!

David had a hard time letting our friends leave.

David Pushing On Curtis And Gladys’s Motor Home, Trying To Hold Them Back From Leaving.

Standing In Line For A Pretzel

Our friends Curtis and Gladys were leaving a few days before us.  Heading home to Louisiana.  They are missed.

A few days later it was time for us to trek down south, just 3.5 hours, to Indianapolis to the trade show.

The CEDIA Trade Show Floor

We attend this trade show every year.  It’s a must for our business.  This show rotates between cities and this year, along with the next two years, it is in Indianapolis.  We like this city.  It’s easy to get around.  There’s lots of restaurants within walking distance from the convention center.  And we have a nice rv park, Lake Haven Retreat, just 8 miles south of the convention center.  So easy in and easy out.  Nice.

David And A "Booth Babe" At The Trade Show

As you can see, we are working hard.  Walking the show floor.  Meeting up with people we know.  And some we don’t, like this “booth babe” David found.  Ask him what booth it was, I bet he won’t have a clue.

We also throw a party every year at these shows, for our members of the forum.  This year we rented out the entire Tavern on South Restaurant.

AVSForum.com Party At Tavern On South

The Blues Band We Hired For The AVSFourm.com Party

I was a wonderful place to have the party.  Right behind the convention center.  We rented the entire restaurant, so two floors.  We ended up with over 200 people.  We also hired a blues band for the evening.  Everything turned out really well.  A good time was had by all!

The next night we went to the CEDIA banquet dinner.  This is the awards banquet for best in show, best theater design, etc etc.  We were invited to attend as guests of our friends Sam & Lori Runco and Ray Medeiros.

Alizma From America’s Got Talent Performed At The Banquet

While passing through Main Street, we saw this.  People were lined up and down the streets like they were expecting a parade.  Being that that day was the 10th anniversary of September 11th, we thought some sort of parade to.  What we did not expect was this…

David really enjoyed watching Alizma perform before the banquet.  They were on America’s Got Talent and surprisingly did not win.  They were good!

Anyway…. After the trade show, we headed back up to Nappanee (just south of Elkhart) to Carlyle at Focal Wood, so he could install our new tv cabinet.

Passing Through Main Street In Nappanee, Indiana

Bikers Riding Through Nappanee, Indiana In Honor Of 9/11

Bikers Riding Through Nappanee, Indiana In Honor Of 9/11

Hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of bikers riding in honor of those who were lost on 9/11.  It was jaw dropping, awe inspiring, bring tears to your eyes amazing.  Were not talking just a few motorcycle clubs.  We’re talking at least 500 – 700 bikes, if not more!  This went on for at least 20-30 minutes as they rode through town, with a police escort the entire way.  No sooner did we cross the intersection that the police came and blocked off the intersection for this.  We quickly pulled over, as no one was driving around so no worries in blocking the road.  We stood outside, camera in hand, cheering along with everyone else as they rode by.  What a wonderful way to pay your/our respects.

So that was it.  Friends, flea market, trade show and memorial ride.  I touched a little on our new, custom tv cabinet, but you’ll have to wait for that.  Just teasing you for now.