About To Take Possession Of Our New Home

It’s hard to think that it’s been a year since we took possession of our new home, our Tiffin 45LP Allegro Bus. The move from our other coach, a 42 foot 2008 Tour Master, went smoothly. The Tiffin had a bunch more space than what we were used to, so that was a nice.

The Tiffin Bus has really treated us well. There have been no major issues. We did have to replace a windshield from a large rock hit not a couple months into ownership. Not Tiffin’s fault for sure. We had to replace a couple air conditioners as well. Again, not Tiffin’s fault. Come to think about it, most of the items that we’ve had issues with have been from various manufacturers of those items. Tiffin however stands behind all there products and took care of everything quickly and easily. No hassles involved.

Moving In To Our New Home

Changing Our Awning Fabric

Our Tiffin 45LP Allegro Bus LED Lighting

We find this floor plan to be the best for us. At least for right now. It really does feel like a little apartment and not like a motor home. We find ourselves constantly saying this. We have, of course, made a few changes and additions to make it more like our home however. Everyone has to add his or her own flair to there home right? Well we changed the awning fabric to be more of a darker grey than the lighter grey it had come with (Tiffin now is using a black awning fabric which we also do not prefer). We also added some LED outdoor lighting not only on the awnings, but also under the chassis as well as under the slide. Yes, the coaches now do come with lighting on the awnings. However, it’s just a white light and we like to have multi-colored to be, well, different. It also really gives us some great ground lighting when we are outside and we can change the colors based on our mood or season.

Going Through The San Juan Mountains In Colorado

Our Bus Highlighted By The Milky Way In Colorado

Our bus has taken us to some extraordinary places. Since we have had the coach we have explored Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Texas among others. (Gosh, Moab was so much fun and we met some great new friends.) There’s just so much of this gorgeous country of ours, it’s impossible to see it all. The coach handled the mountains as to be expected. We did slow down a bit going up hill, however, we were still passing semi’s. We’re not really in the mountains that much for it to really make a big difference to us.

A Chef Cooking Us Dinner For Our Anniversary

A Chef Cooked Us Dinner For Our Anniversary

The Tiffin kitchen was plenty big enough for David to hire a chef to come in and cook us a special dinner for our 20th Anniversary. The chef was impressed with the size and ease of use of the kitchen as well. The pull out island really comes in handy for instances like these. When you need to spread out your items to cook, not hiring a chef. That was a first.

We’ve met up with some wonderful friends and made new ones. Enjoyed the cool evenings around the campfire. Watched a little football and set up our movie screen for some movies under the stars.

Bon Fire At Our New Seasonal Site In NY

Enjoying Football On The Outdoor TV

Movie Night Under The Stars

Jam Session Around The Campfire

Jam Session Around The Campfire

David’s gotten his Cajon out and joined in around the campfire with some impromptu jam sessions.

Sunset In The Desert

Lake Powell, Utah

We have been traveling since 2008 (FT in 2013) in our Tour Master and since we have moved into our Tiffin Bus it’s been much more enjoyable. We truly have a motor home we can take into colder weather and be comfortable in and let’s be honest, you can’t always chase the warmer weather. Sometimes the cold just finds you. We also have so much more space and luxurious items such as heated floors and a dishwasher that we’ve grown accustomed to this lifestyle much more now. This coach really makes it easy to be on the road and keep exploring. We’ve really enjoyed this year in our new coach and we look forward to many more. This truly is our home now and for the foreseeable future.

So would we do this again?

Sure. Perhaps a new floor plan may come out to entice us. But for now, we really like what we have. However we have sent Tiffin our ideas for a maybe a 45DB model. (Get it? DB for David & Brenda) So you never know, we may do this all again. Would you like that?

Would we buy Tiffin again? We surely would. For as mentioned, they have been great to work with from the start of our new home project; through todays blog post and we would not expect that to change.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we did a video on our thoughts of the new coach and a walk through video when we first came up for air after moving in. If you haven’t seen it or you want to see the final time-lapse video of the entire build process, you can see it here.

So now we felt it was only fair to do another video at our one-year mark and tell you how things have gone, what we still like and what we are disappointed in and could maybe be improved upon. These are our honest opinions as RVers that full time in their motor home. What we may be disappointed in, don’t like or do like, you may have the opposite reaction. So please keep that in mind.