Come get “Outside Your Bubble” with us as we are happy to announce OOBerfest is going to take place once again in Quartzsite, AZ in January 2018! So what does this mean?  It means that you now should start to make or adjust your travel plans if you care to attend!

This will be our third year putting on this little gathering during the Big RV Show Event that happens each year in Quartzsite, AZ. 

OOBerfest Info:

When: Jan 18-21, 2018
Where: Quartzsite, AZ – Plomosa Road – End of BLM camping area.
(Here is the exact location we will be —>  Google Maps of our location – CLICK (with GPS info.)
Why: Just for Kicks! Meet David & Brenda and other OOBies to learn and laugh!
Bring: Firewood, Full Water Tank, Empty Gray and Black Tanks, Generator, snake bite kit (kidding), stories and anything else that may add to the experience.
Cost: You MUST bring Fire Wood! (Also see below about donations.)

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More information on the 35th Annual RV Show can be found HERE.

To see more photos from the 2017 OOBerfest —> CLICK HERE


Yes, you surely are welcome to arrive early.
We should arrive by the 15th or 16th.


Seeing this is public land, we are not really allowed to save space. We will make every effort to park people within our group in a large “circle’ish” fashion and will do the best we can to save a lot of space and get people parked within the group.

Seeing this is a large group…You will be parked close to each other!  So if you have never been, please be aware of that so you are not shocked. If you do not care to park within the group, or we run out of room, there surely will be space all around us. So no worries as you will surely still be able to take part in what we have planned.

T-Shirts Now Available: $5 for each item ordered donated to Segs4Vets Foundation.


Thursday, January 18th – Arrival Day

Arrive when you can today. Yippee!  We will try to arrange the coaches and RV’s, facing inward as we can. As you arrive and turn off into the desert, just look for our logo to make your way back to our group area and see one of us, or other volunteers (hint), for where you should park.

5:00 – OOB Attendees Introductions and meet your hosts David and Brenda and ask the questions you may have for us. Also tips and tricks on how to conserve RV resources in the desert.
Evening – Campfires! Meet other OOB attendees and learn what the RV show is like and what to expect. 

Friday, January 19th

9:00 – Coffee & Donuts chat at the campfire area. Grab your favorite mug filled with your coffee, tea or liquor of choice and join us for a donut and chat with fellow RV’ers.
10:00 to 11:30 –Tires and Weight – With so many common amenities it’s easy to overload your RV without even knowing it. Join Steve Kass as he discusses weight and tire safety. You can even set a time to get your RV weighed!
12:00 to 1:30 – Tech Talks – Have questions, we may have an answer! RV’ers help RV’ers so come join in on the questions on any topic for RV’ing and also help with the answers.
2:00 to 3:00 – Upgrades and Mods Chat! – Have you made some cool mods to your coach or RV that you think others also may like to do? Share your mods with others and take people interested to your RV.
3:30 to 5:00 – “Stitch and Bitch” – Ladies Time! Chat on how to make more space, food,  and items we use and how to make the best of what we got for RV living.
6:30 – Movie Night! Come join us for a movie under the stars. (Movie yet to be determined.)
Evening – Camp Fires!!!  (Again, please bring wood to help out.)

Saturday, January 20th

10:00 – The RV Show opens! Go attend this crazy event and shop away!
5:00 – Pot Luck Dinner!  Make your dish and bring it on out by 4:50 and let’s eat!
6:30 – Movie Night! Come join us for a movie under the stars. (Movie yet to be determined.)
Evening – Camp Fires!!!  (Again, please bring wood to help out.)

Sunday, January 21st

10:00 – The RV Show continues.
5:30 – Happy Hour – Get your drink and share your favorite appetizers as we get ready to party!
6:30 – PARTY TIME! Back by popular demand, live music by Notes From Neptune!  

See last years concert HERE.

Sadly this is also the last day of OOBerfest and the party is the send off as we say THANKS for being our followers and getting “Outside YOUR Bubble” with us.

You are surely welcome to say as long as you would like however.  After all, it is public lands.

DONATE to OOBerfest

Now from doing this past few years we have learned that we can not do it alone, well we can and have but it is a burden, and that we do end up putting out some money to “do it up”. Not that we minded doing either as we really enjoy meeting our followers, but last year we had a number of people saying we should not have to do either all by ourselves.  So we thought about it the past five months and came up with something we felt we could live with.  A Donation! 

You see, we want anyone who wants to be able to attend, to be able to. People mentioned paying $50 to $150 per RV, but to us that did not seem right to set a price. So if you do not care to donate to this as money is tight…then that is fine by us. However for those that feel they would like to, we surely would appreciate it as it surely would help to offset our costs.   

Now seeing we do not do this for income, we will go one step further. Any funds we receive over the amount we spend to put on OOBerfest, we will donate to Segs4Vets! We have been working with the foundation for a very long time and you can feel free to verify that with them if you care to. So if you are attending, please feel free to click the button on the right and donate what you feel.

All donations will be kept private. This is a voluntary donation and does not affect access to OOBerfest. Donations are NOT required.



Ok, a quick few things. First…What you bring into the desert, you will bring out. Leave no footprint. When you arrive, you will need to check in with the BLM Host right when you turn onto Plomosa road. (No charge) Then you will head further down the road to find us.

You will be in the desert and will have NO HOOKUPS! Therefore you will need to be sure to have a full water tank and empty black and gray tanks. If you do not have a generator or enough solar panels to run your coach, this really is not for you, as you will need power as well as heat. So conserving is the key, so bring and use paper plates, plasticware, and cups. Things that do not require washing! We will go over some tricks as to how you can conserve the first evening.

Be sure you have fuel in your tanks for the generator and heat! (Propane/Diesel/Gas) 

There is a service in town called the “Pit Stop” where they will empty your tanks and fill your water with good water. They can also fill your propane tanks.

Even though there is a SMALL grocery store in town, it is not cheap. So bring in any food you will want. There are also a few restaurants.

For trash there is a local dump right down the road as you go into town with limited hours. Best thing is to use larger garbage bags and when needed, drop it off on the way into town.

Other than that GOOD LUCK! :)

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Number of RV’s Attending: 93

What is OOBerfest and What to Expect

OOBerfest 2017 Highlight Video