Following Our Friends Jonathan & Dasy From

We just left our friends Jonathan and Dasy from WeGoFar.  We had a blast with them.  We only traveled with them for two weeks, but it felt longer…but in a good way.  We crammed a lot into those two weeks.  Zip Lining in the Birkshire Mountains, Acadia National Park, The furthest most eastern point in the US and Blueberry Land?

Blueberry Land in Columbia Falls, Maine is a very interesting building.  A giant blueberry building, surrounded by smaller blueberries can be seen from a nice distance away.  Like a giant purple mecca, you can get anything blueberry your heart desires, right here.  I did not know this, but Maine produces 90% of the blueberries in the US.  Blueberries can be found every where in Maine.  Every concoction you can think of are made with blueberries.  My personal favorite has to be the blueberry pancakes and scones.  Some I can do without are blueberry beer and blueberry flavored coffee.  Sorry Jonathan (he liked the blueberry beer).  David likes coffee, but blueberry coffee he draws the line at.  So, Blueberry land has every thing you can imagine, with a blueberry twist.  Plus, you can rule the blueberry kingdom while you are in the area.

The Blueberry Land In Columbia Falls, Maine

David At Blueberry Land

So we were making our way to Freeport, Maine were the original LL Bean store is located.

It is a shopping mecca with outlet stores all over town.  It’s a cute town, very clean with lots of stores.  We were a little disappointed in the discount “outlet” prices though.  They didn’t seem very discounted to us.

LL Bean’s Flagship Store In Freeport, Maine

Freeport, Maine

Freeport actually has free rv parking behind the main street.  Don’t plan on staying long though.  3 Nights is the maximum aloud stay.  However, you may want to leave earlier than that because the lot that you can park in is very very tight.

We had our last dinner together with our friends Jonathan & Dasy from WeGoFar.

Parking At Freeport, Maine

Jonathan, Dasy & David At Our Last Dinner Together.

We will miss traveling with them.  So long WeGoFar guys!  Safe travels were ever the road may take you.  And I’m sure we’ll run into each other again…some where….some day.

Oh and by the way, to say the cats are taking to traveling very well is an understatement.  Here is BK and Angel sound asleep on the couch as we travel down the road.

Jonathan & Dasy From

BK and Angel Sleeping While Traveling Down The Road.