Our Spot At Southwoods RV Resort

So we’ve spent the last two and a half months in Western NY at Southwoods RV Resort in Byron, NY. It’s the closest campground that we could find to visit our family and friends in the Rochester, NY area. When we made the booking we were originally only going to stay a month. When we got here however we truly did not expect to find such a lovely and comfortable campground. We ended up extending our stay for quite a bit longer.

One of the reasons was that we really clicked with the park owners, Mike and Sue, and David offered to help them with upgrading their wifi.

David Installing Wifi Antennas

Installed WiFi system with array and AP locations.

David Installing Wifi Antennas

It was something he did for a park in Texas and it was nice that he was able to help out such good people at Southwoods. It seems it was the #1 complaint they had. And for such a wonderful park, David just had to make that complaint go away to be best of his ability. And he surely did from the reports received. The site where we were in for example went from .3Mbps down to over 8Mbps down when he was done.

We had a wonderful time at Southwoods. The campground has quite a few seasonal sites that are really well kept up. And when the park throws their theme weekends, the seasonal people really go all out with decorating.

Whether it’s the 4th of July complete with the campground putting on their own fireworks display……

The Wifi Antenna Array On The Main Office

4th Of July Celebrations At Southwoods

Too Christmas in July…

Christmas In July At Southwoods

Christmas In July At Southwoods

Southwoods really does it up for all occasions.

4th Of July Celebration At Southwoods

One of the things we all look forward to doing when we are in a familiar area is hitting all of those familiar foodie haunts. Pontillo’s pizza, the original in Batavia, NY was just a short drive to where we were parked, Abbott’s frozen custard with locations throughout the Rochester area and our favorite Chinese restaurant, Chen Garden in Rochester, NY.

Pontillo’s Pizza From The Original Location In Batavia, NY

Enjoying Abbott’s Frozen Custard

Chen Garden In Rochester, NY

We were able to enjoy some local festivals and parades. The Cornhill Arts Festival is one of the areas largest and it seems we always seem to miss it when we are traveling in the area. Not this year!

We celebrated birthdays and much to my surprise, on our 20th Anniversary, David surprised me with a chef cooked meal (from our favorite restaurant) inside our motor home.

It was nice catching up with family and friends.

Our Friend Debbi And Brenda

Brenda And Her Sister Andrea

David And Our Friend Joe

Brenda And Our Friend Terri

As a matter of fact. We enjoyed ourselves so much this summer at Southwoods we decided to make Southwoods our home base for all our visits back home. One problem with that though. They are so popular that they fill up very quickly. So we looked into getting a seasonal site. That way, we figured, we wouldn’t have to worry about making a reservation and finding out they were full. In essence, we could come and go as we please without sweating the details.

One problem with that however. We found out from Southwoods owners, Mike and Sue, that their is a waiting list for a seasonal site.

Good news though…

I guess they liked us so much they want us there as much as we wanted to be there, plus David seems to be now their tech support guy. Mike calls him “Giga-Bott”. So get this…they are willing to build us a seasonal site that will fit our 45 foot coach!  Not kidding…Mike is going to build us a place just for our coach!  A place that they currently do not have developed. (But I suspect that Mike may have always wanted to build one last lot in this area.  So yea!)

Amazing to say the least!  So we are pleased to present the future home of the “Bott Plot”

The Future Spot For Our Seasonal Site

Now it doesn’t look like much now but let me tell you…it’s right on the end of a quiet street, private and right where we would have put it if we had picked it out ourselves!  It seems like it was fate to say the least.

Before we left Mike came up with the idea to have a bonfire and christen the site for us. So surely we accepted! (Who dose not like a good ol’ bonfire!) So Mike pulled out some of the old brush and dead wood in that area and we were set to go! It was so great as Joe, David’s best friend, brought his family down for the send off.

David And Brenda At The Bonfire Christening The New Seasonal Site. Photo bombed By Lynn!

David, Brenda And The Furno’s Enjoying The Bonfire One Last Night Before We Leave

Before we headed out the next day we took one last look at our future seasonal site. Dreaming about coming back next summer and wondering what the rest of the year has in store for us.

Our Bonfire Really Christened The Land Well.

We’re sincerely thankful to Mike and Sue for making us feel so welcome, accepted and loved. It means the world to us to be able to call Southwoods home and we look forward to seeing everyone next summer!

Here is an flight video David did of Southwoods…