So we purchased a fully loaded 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with 21K miles. (It is not so limited with it having every option that any of the line can have.)

Our "new to us" 2014 Jeep

So what did we do when we got it? Well first and foremost we got it setup for towing with the help of my fellow Tiffin coach owner, Michael Kidd of You see, it was his Jeep! Yup. Small world. We wanted one, he had one, and he already had the Blue-Ox tow plate and the electrical for the lights. (He purchased a Tesla and an enclosed trailer.)  So we installed an Air Force One Braking system by SMI Brake.

We already had the coach side installed as we had the same system in the Saturn and is the system we highly recommend. So of course we would have it in the Jeep. (It is one of only two systems that I am aware of that are an actual true proportional braking system that will reduce the stopping distance needed. Unlike other systems some of which could actually add stopping distance needed.)

Installing Air Force One

Air Force One Install

So what did we have to do after that? Well take it off road of course! After all, “It’s a Jeep”. So we drove it into the Tonto National Forest recreation area and went off road. We found a nice place to park and then did a quick flight around the general area of course flying around the Jeep.

Other than that, we have not been up to to much lately. Just getting ready for Quartzsite.