Our Coach Reflecting The Sunset

Bott Lott At Southwoods RV Resort

Well, well, well, can you believe we have now lived full time in our 45LP Tiffin Allegro Bus for two years? Boy has the time gone quickly and we can only think that is because we have been having a great time traveling and making new friends along the way.

The coach has treated us great and we so enjoy the 45LP floor plan. We do like some of the tech changes Tiffin as put into the newer coaches, like more use of the Spyder control system to control things such as vents, blinds, additional lighting, and even the floors. It would be nice to have those as such things are lacking in our 2014 model and they sure would be nice. But it is interesting to us that even though a few other floor plans that have come out after the 45LP model, we would still, at this time, choose the 45LP floor plan for our needs if we decided on a new coach.

Without all the typing needed to talk about some of our thoughts, etc of the second year living in our coach and what we have been up to, we made another video where we sit down and chat with you about it. Ok, yes, it’s a one way conversation, so not so much a “chat” with “you”. However if you watch it a few times and take notes, you could always play it back and right before we say something or go on to a new topic, you can pause it and ask us a question and pretend we are answering it when you continue the playback.

If you care to re-live or play catch-up on our past videos on this subject, we have those available for you too.

Here is the blog post and videos of our Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP complete time lapse video of build, tips on having a coach built and our walk through video which all can be found here.

Then we did a one year video on our thoughts of living in our coach for the first year. This can be found here.

And if you are all caught up and don’t care to re-live the past, then here is our video on our second year living on the road full time in our Tiffin Allegro Bus model 45LP. (3rd year in all living full time in a coach.)