Our Spot Out In The Desert

Our Spot Out In The Desert

Well, OOB Fest 2016 has come to a close. We had GREAT people come out to visit us and everyone made new friends.

We had some rv’ers join us that had never boon-docked before and others had been old pros at it. We’ve all discovered that it doesn’t matter what level of rving you have, everyone is welcome. We all helped each other as the week went on. As a matter of fact, David was called upon to help out with 6 different coaches that had different electrical issues that arose. Not something he had anticipated but he was glad he could help. We all would laugh around the bonfire at night about the Quartzsite Gremlins that seemed to strike. We were glad that it all worked out in the end.

OOB Fest 2016 Tech Talk

OOB Fest 2016 Pot Luck Dinner

We had a great Tech Talk that David along with others answered questions that other rvers may have had. This was a popular talk and we will be incorporating this again for next time.

The pot luck dinner was popular and everyone had made wonderful dishes to share with the group. There was hardly a bite left over when we were through with it.

Hobbies And Crafts From OOB Fest 2016

Hobbies And Crafts From OOB Fest 2016

We had some amazing hobbies, arts and crafts that people do while on the road. We had one woman showing off her beautiful hand made rings and spoons from antique buttons.

Another couple has a lathe on their seasonal site in California and they turned wood into gorgeous pens, bottle toppers and other items.

I on the other hand am not terribly crafty so my contribution was empty wine bottles that I turned into tiki torches. Useful and practical but not terribly crafty the way I do it, but others I have seen are just wonderful. Oh well. I guess I have to step up my game for next time.

Hobbies And Crafts From OOB Fest 2016

David got his quadcopter out a few times and tried to go for his 2 mile record. The head winds were just not cooperating though so he was not able to fly that far. Oh well…there’s always next year. Others brought their quadcopters as well and it was fun to fly with other people.

David Flying His Quadcopter

David And His Quadcopter

We had two movie nights under the stars. One night our friends at Dish Network came out and joined us and brought along some door prizes. That was nice of them and we want to thank them for joining us and providing a large speaker for the movie. We only travel with a smaller set of speakers and we had such a crowd that a larger speaker was nice.

Movie Night OOB Fest 2016

Movie Night At OOB Fest 2016

The second movie night we premiered David’s OOB Fest 2016 quadcopter video of our gathering. Everyone loved it and you can see it below.

Every morning and every evening we had great bonfires to keep us warm. Out here in the desert, once that sun goes down, we had some chilly nights. We had a great gathering every evening for campfires and memories. Meeting new friends and exchanging ideas, recipes and favorite trips, we all learned a lot from each other.

Movie Night OOB Fest 2016

Bonfires Every Night At OOB Fest 2016

And speaking of the evenings, in my humble opinion, I feel nothing beats an Arizona sunset. And boy, did we have some doozies.

Sunset At OOB Fest 2016

David Channeling His Inner Burning Man

Our Coach Reflecting The Sunset

There were too many pets running around to get everyones pictures but here’s a few. It was amazing to me that all the pets got along like long lost friends.

Bruce At OOB Fest 2016

Raven At OOB Fest 2016

Chewy At OOB Fest 2016

BK At OOB Fest 2016

BK of course was just bored with it all. Being an indoor cat, he could only watch from the windshield at all the fun the others were having.

Once Saturday came around it was time to hit the big RV tent event in Quartzsite. Most people went into town that day to shop til they dropped. The main tent even goes on for the whole following week so when you go is really up to you.

The RV Tent Event In Quartzsite, AZ

The RV Tent Event In Quartzsite, AZ

Everyone had a great time and it seemed we got rave reviews for the get together. We are happy we could do this for our friends.

David, Carol and Brenda In Our OOB Fest 2016 T-Shirts

And as our thanks to our “OOBies” for attending our first OOB Fest, or “OOBerfest” as it is now called thanks to one of our members, we had made everyone t-shirts! It was great to walk around the tent event and see people with our t-shirts on. What a kick we all had when someone would eventually come up to us and ask, “What’s an OOB?”.

It was fun and to answer all of you wanting to know if we are going to do this again next year?


Yes. I think we will. A year out is a little far to plan something, as you all know, things happen. But from the looks of it, we will be doing another OOB Fest next year in Quartzsite.

Keep your eyes open for details as time gets closer.

So long for now and we hope to run into our OOBies on the road! Make sure that if you see us you stop and say Hello!

We love our OOBies and our OOBies showed us that they love us too. Thanks to all that came!

Hope you enjoy the quadcopter video that David put together for the first ever OOB Fest 2016! Please feel free to share it!