Our New Coach Almost Done

Well….we are getting closer to completion. We can taste it. Almost reach out and grab it. Alas, it’s just outside our grasp right now.

We’ve been back and forth between the main factory in Red Bay for little fixes here and there and the Belmont paint shop for fixes and finishing work there.

I must say this, yes, we have had some issues with our build. However, I can not think of any motor home manufacturer that has a 100% perfect coach build. As our experience with our current coach (our 2008 Tour Master) and what we went through with our initial break in period, we know their is always going to be something. It happens with everyone from one degree to another. The difference that we are seeing however is the attitude that Tiffin and their employees are taking. They will not have a motor home leave that we are not happy with. They will not have a motor home leave that they are not happy with. Their are a lot of inspections. A lot. We are constantly being told that if their is something that we are not happy with, they will make it right. And this is the attitude throughout the entire process. From the plant manager and supervisors to the line workers and painters. It is just amazing.

In thinking about this, it makes sense for them to ask you to speak up. It would keep the dealer repair costs down at delivery as they must pay the dealer for their time. So being here is really a major plus for both parties.

We have even been talking to other new owners that are here on the factory floor watching their new motor home be built and they are seeing and saying the same thing. Also, seeing we have some time, we also have walked the plant and watched other builds and have seen inspections and fixes for coaches that do not have the future owner watching it be built. From cabinet doors that maybe had a blemish, down to art work that was not straight, it was taken care of and was not left for the dealer or the new owner. Does this mean that the coaches are 100%? Surely no as even we have missed items that were later tagged by an inspector. So surely they also can, and do, miss things.

So to us, my friends, that is the Tiffin difference and one of the reasons why we are glad that we chose a Tiffin motor home for our new home. We are not blind to the fact we will still find things, but we surely know we are in good hands.

Brenda And Our Chassis

Brenda Standing In Our Coach After Day One In The Main Building

It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago we started out with just a chassis.

We’ve gone through the plant getting walls and furnishings. A roof and doors. Paint and seals.

Paint Being Stirred Waiting For Application

Touching Up Some Paint And Buffing

It’s amazing to be here and see the entire process. Until you see this all in person, you really can not fathom how many great people actually have a hand in the building and finishing of just one coach.

Oh, we have found the plus side to waking up so early.

Which Is Real And Which Is Reflection

Beautiful Sunrise And Our Coach

The sunrises can be amazing!