Hand Prints On Our Patio

So…It’s been a while.

What have we been up to?

Well…as you may or may not know, we have been working hard on the Bott Lott (spelling intended).

It’s taking longer than expected as we have had an unusual amount of rain this Spring and Summer. So as you know with any construction project, rain delays happen.

We will be doing a full blog entry on the Bott Lott once we have things done and we can finally come up for air.

David has been working right along side the construction team, Mike and Bill, to get this lot finished.

David Working The Dozer

David Driving The Dump Truck

He’s been having a lot of fun along the way learning how to drive the various equipment. He now knows how to drive the high lift, dump truck, dozer and roller and he’s learning the backhoe.

Boys and their toys. He always has a big smile on his face when he’s driving one of these beasts.

And when David is outside working hard in the 90+ degree days in the sun, you can see the cats are doing their part inside.

Rotten cats that they are (I say sarcastically). Taking naps in the air conditioning. What a tough life we have made for them.

BK And Whisper Working Hard

David Relaxing In His Hammock

David did take a note from the cats and has found the perfect two trees to hang a hammock. We do have lots of trees back in the area that we are in so we are shaded for a good portion of the evening.

We’re so glad that we found Southwoods RV Resort and that they have accepted us into there Southwoods family. We love that we will now have a seasonal site to call home.

It truly is a great place that’s close to our family and friends and it makes a great location to just hop on the road for a few weeks to explore and then have a permanent place to come home to.

Speaking of hopping on the road, we will be heading to Vermont for a couple weeks soon, as we have never been there. So look for those entries soon!

Sunset At Southwoods RV Resort

Hope you all are enjoying your Summer and staying cool in this brutal heat.