David & Brenda At Our Last Campground Stop In Newfoundland

OK, so it’s been a while.  What have we been up to?

Well….We are now back in the good ‘ol US of A.  It’s nice to be back.  But on the other hand….. We Miss Newfoundland!

We miss the nice, friendly people.  Not that their aren’t nice people here in the US.  Their are many.  It’s just different.

The people there are also quirky.  I say that because you’d see things like this…

Because when you pick up your bait, you should make sure you have enough fluids for your fishing trip.

You also see things like this…

Wine And Scrap booking Supplies

Because everyone should drink when they are scrap booking.  Or better yet, make a scrapbook

Live Bait Sign Over The Drink Cooler

about your wine/beer making skills!  Or maybe it’s because you need to drink to make a decent scrapbook.  What ever the reason, you can get all your supplies in one place.

But then again, I should not make fun of the Newfie people.  They are not quite with the modern times.  They have to live with things like this…

We miss the beautiful scenery.  And I’m not talking Smoky Mountain, Arizona Desert, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean pretty.

I mean the Gros Morne National Park, 1000 year old fishing villages, Fjords and Earth Mantle Rocks pretty.

Gros Morne National Park

Duel Cassette Deck Boom Box

A Lighthouse Near Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne National Park

As our friend Evelyn would say, “It’s Beeeaaauuutifffullll!”  And we miss our friends that we traveled with.

Good company, laughter, the stories and great food!

Thanks Evelyn and Gladys for the wonderful meals you shared with us.  The onion rings.  The fried fish.  Haddock, Cod, Shrimp and Flounder.  Ohhhh the flounder.  We tried everything and liked most.  Yes, we liked the fish.  Thanks for that.

And Curtis, we appreciate all the talks and guidance.  You will always be a good friend.

One Of Our Group Dinners

Fishing Village By St. Anthony

We miss the hand crafted town signs.  The billboard free highways.  The construction zones that only last for a blink of an eye.  The fresher than fresh, just off the boat seafood.  That is, if we ate seafood.  But we can appreciate how good it would be.

David’s Feet On Deck Boards

Some Rapids By Grand-Falls Windsor

The Sun Setting In Twillingate

David Kayaking Near Twillingate

So why did we leave Newfoundland?

Good question.  We are still asking ourselves that.

We are enjoying the large grocery stores with all the product brands we like.  Fresh fruits and veggies because everything in Newfoundland is imported.

Finally Fresh Fruits! And Bonus… They Are Locally Grown And Organic.

Boneless chicken breasts that aren’t $14 for 2!  The variety of restaurants, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc.

All our television satellite stations.

Redbox and Netflix.

Data on our phones.


Do It Yourself Car Washes

We are also enjoying modern conveniences.  Such as automatic car washes that you can just drive through and not get out of your car.

And movie theaters!

Cinema Closed

A Diesel Gas Pump In Newfoundland

And pay at the pump gas stations.


All in all it was a wonderful trip.  Would we go back again?